StuG IV Guide: Specs, Pros and Cons, and Tactics for World of Tanks

StuG IV - German tank destroyer

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  • 20 August 2021
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StuG IV, personal missions

StuG IV Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Hello to all fans of the secretive style of the game, with you! The focus of our attention today was another interesting, but far from the strongest car, a German promotional tank destroyer of the fifth level - this is the StuG IV guide.

Surely many of you know that this device is issued for the successful completion of the first stage of personal combat tasks. That is, it is necessary to perform the personal missions StuG IV to get this self-propelled gun, as well as to proceed to three more stages and compete for the T28 Concept, T 55A and Object 260.

Before we proceed to the study of the parameters of this machine, you should also know that StuG IV WoT does not have a premium status, but a promotional one, that is, the machine does not bring more silver from the battle, but you can pump the crew on it.


Specifications for StuG IV


Crew skills for StuG IV

You will be able to fight even more effectively as soon as you properly train the crew members sitting in the tank. Of course, this process is not fast, it requires a very serious approach and consistency. To achieve the best result for StuG IV, the perks should be pumped in this order:
COMMANDER shestoe_chuvstvo.png maskirovka.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png radioperehvat.png
GUNNER maskirovka.png
plavnyy_povorot_bashni.png boevoe_bratstvo.png remont.png
DRIVER maskirovka.png
plavnyy_hod.png boevoe_bratstvo.png remont.png

LOADER maskirovka.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png remont.png

Selection equipment StuG IV

To increase your effectiveness in combat, it is important to choose the right and then install additional modules. Frankly speaking, we don't have many really worthwhile variations in this regard, so we should put such equipment on the StuG IV tank:
  1. Gun Rammer - Undoubtedly, the most useful and necessary option, because thanks to it you will be able to deal more damage.
  2. Improved Ventilation - Another very good and useful module, because it comprehensively increases several important parameters of the machine.
  3. Binocular Telescope - With our serious problems with the review, this is the only way to achieve acceptable results.
The only possible alternative to the above set may be to replace the second item with Camouflage Net . In this case, we become even more invisible, respectively, we increase our survivability, and such a replacement is perfectly combined with the third point.

Pros and Cons StuG IV

Pros Cons
  • Good rate of fire, great accuracy for its tier and amazing aim time for any tank above tier 4.
  • Excellent ammunition capacity (61 rounds compared to 44 rounds on StuG III Ausf. G.
    Large side skirts cover most of the side, help
  • mitigate howitzer damage prevalent at this tier.
  • Will never see any tank above tier VI.
  • Reasonably low movement dispersion.
  • Below average view range, even for a T.D.
  • Rather low mobility with low speed limits and a weak engine.
  • Handicapped firepower, alpha damage, penetration and shell velocity are all bad for a T.D.
  • Overall inferior to StuG III Ausf. G in most aspects.
  • Being a reward tank, the StuG IV does not have increased credit income.

How to play on StuG IV

You are familiar with the characteristics of the machine, its weapons, you know the strengths and weaknesses, and knowing all this, one correct and reasonable conclusion suggests itself – for StuG IV, the tactics of combat consists in playing from camouflage and distance, because we have nothing to do in close combat.

The point is not even that StuG IV WoT has a weak reservation, although this is a very important factor. The problem is also poor mobility, but we also have excellent camouflage and accurate weapons, which makes us a very effective "shadow fighter".

Standing in the bushes and not getting into the light, the German tank StuG IV gets the opportunity to inflict damage with impunity and continuously, you just need to take a position so that you have a good shot, as well as Horizontal aiming angles and Vertical aiming angles do not interfere with firing.

Of course, you should not let anyone near you, because if a mobile enemy tank drives up to StuG IV World of Tanks and starts turning us, it will be very difficult to fight off on your own, even with good maneuverability.

The last thing that should be said, even if you take a good position, you can not hope for "maybe". In any case, you can be illuminated and for this reason, the StuG IV tank should always have a decent shelter that will protect you not only from frontal and flank attacks, but also protect you from the focus of artillery, at least until you disappear from the glare and get the opportunity to safely move to change position or flank.

How to get StuG IV in World of Tanks?

To obtain the StuG IV tank in World of Tanks, players must successfully complete the first set of Personal Missions, which are a series of tasks that are designed to test your skills in battle. These missions can be challenging and time-consuming, and not everyone has the time or patience to complete them. Fortunately, players have the option to use boost services such as to help them complete these missions and obtain the StuG IV tank more quickly and easily. Boost services provide experienced players who will complete the missions for you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the StuG IV without having to go through the trouble of completing the missions yourself.

Brief summary

The Stug IV is a "Jack of all trades" machine. There is not one area it specifically excels at and is a good, all around fun tank to play. The 7,5 cm Stu.K. 40 L/48 gun is rapid firing with excellent aim time characteristics. Although it only has 110mm of penetration with regular ammunition and 158mm with premium ammunition this will still suffice in higher tier games with sufficient weak spot knowledge. This gun is particularly good at tearing up lightly armored machines with its blistering rate of fire (3.55 seconds with 100% crew). Its accuracy of 0.35/100m allows it to snipe at weak spots reliably at range, which helps the low penetration a bit. A depression value of -6° means this tank can make use of small bumps in terrain which, coupled with its low profile, makes it a dangerous machine on uneven ground.

View range is quite poor at 310m but binoculars will boost this to an acceptable 380m, allowing the Stug IV to spot some of its own targets. The tank comes with its own 100% crew, but it is always a good idea to use this tank to train up other tank destroyer crews. The 360HP of this tank is quite underwhelming and direct hits from H.E. shells will remove quite a large proportion of these hit points. The traverse of 44 degrees/second makes this tank very hard to outflank in lower tier light/medium tanks and the Stug IV can (in the right hands and circumstances) do quite well for itself in close quarters. It is recommended though to stay at longer ranges to make use of the decent camouflage values.


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