The Ultimate Guide to the German MT Level 9 Kampfpanzer 50 t in World of Tanks
KAMPFPANZER 50 T - German Reward Tank | Guides  KAMPFPANZER 50 T - German Reward Tank | Guides 

KAMPFPANZER 50 T - German Reward Tank

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  • 30 November 2021
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Guide to the German MT Level 9 Kampfpanzer 50 t in World of Tanks

Hello everyone and welcome again to boost-hub! Today we will analyze in detail a tank that has a fairly beautiful model and bad performance characteristics. You are reading a guide to the special German MT level 9 Kampfpanzer 50 t!

This medium tank will be the one of main award of "Ranked Battles" in WoT , the last season of which will be held in 2021.

Also, Kpz 50 t can be purchased for bonuses during the series of seasons of ranked battles 2020-2021.


Characteristics Kpz 50 t


Firepower Kpz 50 t

We have at our disposal a tank with a 105 mm gun with a one-time damage of 320 units, not the largest indicator for the MT at level 9. But this tank, unlike many classmates, is much more likely to cause damage to the enemy due to the highest armor penetration of 268 mm (the same indicator only for the British MT). Additional factors that make it more likely to increase your DPM are the excellent German accuracy of 0.32 and the fast mixing time of 1.92. At the same time, the tank has quite vertical aiming angles -8...+15°.

The average damage per minute is not the greatest — 2108 units, but as we noted above, the chances of the Kampfpanzer 50 t to realize its firepower are much higher compared to other MT.

As a base projectile — subcaliber. Special (gold) - cumulative with 310 mm of armor penetration. In general, the tank will not be very gold-dependent, but in battles with "tens" sometimes you will have to resort to using cumulative's that have a penetration of 40 mm more.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that turning the turret to the rear of the tank, lowering the gun by 8° will not work (the same situation as with the Leopard 1).

Survivability Kpz 50 t

The tank's safety score is 1750 units. Consider booking a building:

  • An lower frontal part of 110 mm at an angle in the lower case will give approximately 180 mm;
  • Upper frontal part of 120 mm under due to rational angles of inclination of armor plates will give about 260-280 mm of reduced armor, so you can often catch ricochets in the top of the list.
  • the sides are 40 mm each, so everyone will break through them, and the land mines will come in with full damage. Artillery will be particularly uncomfortable.

The turret armor is largely similar to the hull: a good frontal reservation of 250 mm, but from the side it is already 40 mm at once, so you can only tank with a gun mask, which is quite wide.

At the same time, there are two vulnerabilities in the system:

  • Surveillance devices
  • In the aft part there is a machine gun turret

Mobility and spotting Kpz 50 t

The Kampfpanzer 50 t received its prefix in the form of the number "50" just for its mass of 50 tons. Due to the powerful engine, the tank has a good specific power of 18hp/t, which allows it to accelerate up to 60 km/h forward and 20 km / h backward. Running gear rotation speed 38°.


The tank boasts excellent stealth, one of the best at level 9. At the same time, it has a high visibility of 400 meters.


Equipment selection Kpz 50 t

Slot text text
1 Gun Rammer
Required for installation to increase the rate of fire, and accordingly, the DPMa. It will help to level out one of the main disadvantages of the tank a little;
2 Vertical Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer.png
Reduces the spread of the gun, which will allow you to conduct more targeted fire, quickly switching between targets.
3 Improved Ventilation
Will increase the crew's skills by 5%, which will give the tank a small increase in all characteristics.

Crew training Kpz 50 t

Role 1 2 3 4 5
COMMANDER shestoe_chuvstvo.png boevoe_bratstvo.png remont.png radioperehvat.png
GUNNER remont.png boevoe_bratstvo.png plavnyy_povorot_bashni.png
DRIVER remont.png boevoe_bratstvo.png plavnyy_hod.png
50px-Король_бездорожья.png maskirovka.png
LOADER beskontaktnaya_boeukladka.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png remont.png
otchayannyy.png maskirovka.png

Consumables Selection Kpz 50 t

Slot Machine Consumables Features
1 Large repair kit
Action: Repair of all damaged modules. +10% to the speed of module repair (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not)
Preparation time: 90 seconds. It is debited after the battle, if it was used at least once.
Cost: 20 000.
2 Large first aid kit
Effect: Activates automatically 0.5 seconds after the tank catches fire and passively reduces the chance to catch fire by 10%.
Cost: 20 000,

3 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Action: +10% to all skills of the entire crew until the end of the battle. Fully expended in one battle. For each battle, you need to buy a new one.
Cost: 20 000.


The main drawback of the tank was a small alpha strike, but at the same time, the other indicators of the gun are at a height, so it will deal stable damage. The tank in the frontal projection is well protected and at the same time has excellent camouflage and high visibility, which, with good accuracy, makes it a great ambush sniper. Do not forget that not so many players will be able to get the tank, and those who will still take it are experienced and skilled guys, so in their hands the Kampfpanzer 50 t will be an strong.

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