Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks: A Complete Guide for Players

How to play Heavy tanks in WoT

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  • 23 July 2021
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e100.jpgHeavy tanks in World of Tanks combine the power of large-caliber guns and tough armor. In the game, HT are in the research tree at Tier X for almost every nation, with the exception of Italy and Czechoslovakia. Choosing this class of equipment, you need to understand that you will have to lead a team. It is on HT that allies are equal when occupying positions at the beginning of the battle. The HT has the task of pushing through the direction or holding positions while defending the base.

Playing on Heavy tanks will give delightful emotions when you push on the enemy, and enemy shells fly off the armor without any damage to the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, because to control HT in the game there are tank destroyers with high penetration and artillery that will not allow you to accelerate in a breakthrough or sit out in some kind of hollow.
  That is why playing on heavy tanks requires a certain skill from the player, knowledge of the main routes, vulnerable zones of other HT and the ability to tank. In order to maximize your acquaintance with all aspects of the Heavy tank game, the choice of equipment and skills, as well as tactics in battle, we offer you a complete overview of the Heavy tank class in WoT.

Specifications for Heavy Tanks

There are many HT in the game, and each of them has an individual gameplay, which depends on the weapon, the quality of armor and mobility. Firepower is one of the strengths of heavy tanks, because in order to penetrate the powerful frontal armor of other HT, good weapons are needed.

Depending on the gun, heavy tanks can be roughly divided into the following groups:
  • Howitzer 152 mm. The owners of such a gun were HT from Germany, Japan, the USSR and Poland;

Obj. 705A has a rear turret, which is also one of the most armored, while the 60TP has 150 more hit points.
  • Type 5 Heavy and E100 are distinguished by their significantly larger dimensions and safety factor. Also, "Japanese" and "German" have alternative weapons, which allows you to diversify the gameplay.
  • Separately, it is worth noting at Tier VI such random monsters as KV-2 and O-I, which can destroy even some tanks of a higher level with one shot.
  • Only three tanks have a magazine system for loading shells at Tier X: T57, Amx 50 B, Kranvagn, ST-II, Rinoceronte. Tanks with automatic loader can give out huge damage in a short period of time and roll back to cover to reload. They pay for such fire potential with weaker armor, so in battle they are more likely to act as support tanks.
  • All other tanks in the game are represented by a cyclical reloading system with an average one-time damage: T110E5, PZ.Kpfw. IIV, Maus, Obj. 277, IS-7, IS-4, S.Counqueror, AMX M4 54, WZ-111 5a.

Soviet and Chinese tanks combine good armament, armor with rational armor plate slopes, and excellent dynamics. The German Maus is truly a movable fortress, it has the greatest health points in thick armor. Heavy tanks of the USA, France and Great Britain have a strong turret and comfortable elevation angles, the best indicators of accuracy and aiming speed, but they are very vulnerable in the forehead and they have mediocre dynamics.

Role of Heavy tanks

At the beginning of the battle, it is necessary to immediately determine the direction, because in most cases the lines do not differ in good dynamics and in the middle of the battle there will be no opportunity to change the flank.

At the first stage of the game, heavy tanks often "butt" among themselves, almost every map has such places. The winning side of the HT subsequently pushes the flank towards the enemy base. It is the heavy weights that are the driving force, good armor can save you from enemy shots and sometimes forgives mistakes.
Calling on fire, Heavy Tanks force players to crawl out of cover in order to fire back, which leads to their exposure. Therefore, the longer the heavy lives, the more chances that the allies will be able to destroy unsuccessfully substituted support tanks or Tank destroyers.
Heavy tanks bear a great responsibility, because the outcome of the battle depends on the coordination of their actions and the quality of execution. Depending on the map and the situation, sometimes you have to take a defensive position, so you need to be able to use your armor.
The hardest part when playing heavy is focusing your tank on enemy artillery. You have to constantly maneuver, try to hide behind cover, and of course it can be a shame when you successfully tank enemy shells, and then a "package" from the SPG arrives from above. The second unpleasant nuance associated with the art was stunning. The constant concussion of the crew significantly reduces the combat potential of the vehicle and makes it easier for the enemy to catch.

Crew skills for Heavy Tanks

Most of the time they spend on the front line, being constantly in the light, but when pushing through the line, the Sixth Sense will help determine that your advance has not gone unnoticed by the enemy.

Considering the constant skirmishes with enemy HT and the likelihood of receiving damage from ambush tank destroyers, there is a high risk of hitting the caterpillar. Standing on the rink, a heavy tank turns into a tasty target for artillery, so it is very important to fix it as soon as possible in order to get out of the fire. That is why it is so important to study the repair as the first perk, because the repair kit is not always ready for use.
  • Combat Brotherhood will increase crew skills by 5%, thereby slightly increasing all the characteristics of the vehicle and will perfectly combine with the Improved Ventilation equipment.
  • Having learned the skills of Situational Awareness and Recon, the basic view of the machine will increase by 5%, which at high levels will allow replacing the equipment "Coated Optics" with something more useful.
  • Smooth movement and smooth rotation of the tower are one of the most important perks for close combat, they will reduce the spread of the gun, which will allow you to shoot more accurately, since in skirmishes between HT's there is not always time to completely reduce.

Selection equipment for Heavy Tanks

The equipment will help smooth out the weaknesses of the tank or improve the strengths to increase the comfort of the game. When choosing equipment, it is necessary to be guided not only by the peculiarities of the equipment, but also by the level of training of the crew.

For a new crew, the tank may need the following additional modules:
  • Coated optics - will increase the base view of the tank by 10%. "Blind" HT is defenseless against a more sighted enemy, especially if he is standing in the bushes;
  • Spall Liner - will increase the survivability under artillery fire and increase the damage done when ramming;
Now let's look at the main options for assemblies for a crew with trained 3 or more perks:
  • Gun Rammer - we increase the average damage per minute by accelerating reloading by 10%, must be installed;
  • Vertical Stabilizer - will reduce the circle of spread, which will allow more aim to shoot, leaving behind cover, will increase the chance of winning a duel with an enemy Heavy tank.
  • Improved Ventilation - if the crew has trained the perks for review and Battle Brotherhood, then an increase of 5% to all tank crew skills is the best choice to increase the combat effectiveness of the vehicle;
A Gun rammer cannot be installed on tanks with drum magazine autoloader, so you can choose one of the first 3 options.
  • Coated Optics - a 10% increase in vision is the best choice if the crew has fully learned only 2 perks.
If it seems to you that the gun takes a long time to reduce, then you can try to play with the Enchanced Gun Laying Drive.

Combat with Heavy tanks

When playing on heavy tanks, to play effectively, you should adhere to the basic rules:
  • Thoroughly study the advantages and disadvantages of your tank in order to make the most of this knowledge in battle.
  • It is very important to know the vulnerabilities of other HT in the frontal projection, since it is face to face that the first skirmishes occur.
  • Considering that the frontal part is the most armored, it is recommended to carry special (golden) shells with you. Sometimes, in a critical situation, one non-penetration can lead to the destruction of your tank and a lost battle.
  • Be able to tank. Each vehicle has its own characteristics of the location of the armor plates. Some tanks will ricochet enemy shells by turning the hull with a "diamond" or "reverse diamond". Some have weak hull protection, so they play through the elevation angles from a strong turret;
The position for tanking should be chosen based on the individual characteristics of the reservation: expose a well-protected part and hide a weak one.
  • Roll back into cover while reloading;
If it is impossible to avoid contact with the enemy, then maneuver in order to tank a projectile or take a track.
  • Do not trade hit points with vehicles that have an alpha damage greater than yours;
  • The position must be chosen so as to avoid shelling from artillery;
  • Heavy tanks should always be on the front line, not sitting behind the backs of his comrades;
  • Always look at the map, do not go far alone, without cover. It is worth avoiding collisions in open space, where MT or LT can be twisted, as well as artillery will focus;
  • Count on yourself first. You are the leader and must lead the team.

Brief summary

Heavy tanks, due to decent damage and good armor, allow even beginners to master this class. But in order to become a truly first-class heavy heavy will take time to master all aspects of the game of this class.

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