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What is Personal missions (Campaigns) in World of Tanks?

Personal missions (PM) first appeared in World of Tanks in January 2015 and players immediately fell in love with it. This is not surprising, because these mission lines of tasks made the process of increasing the skill more fun for beginners, and allowed experienced tankers to demonstrate their skills and receive pleasant rewards.

At the moment, completing WoT Personal missions gives a good boost in the form of silver, days of premium account, free experience, equipment and gold consumables, hangar slots, and a female crew. The main reward for the worthy overcoming of the entire quest chain is an exclusive tank. But nothing is given just like that, and to complete some tasks you really need a high skill or a lot of luck, and even the most experienced player will need to spend a lot of time to complete all tasks. What if you don't have enough experience or free time, but you want a reward? You can buy the execution of the World of Tanks Personal missions on the :)

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In WoT there are several different campaigns:

1. The first is the "Long-Awaited Backup" It consists of 4 operations, including a chain of combat missions for each class of equipment. 
2. The second is the "Fire Shaft". It includes 2 chains of 15 tasks for the formats of the mode “Fight to the last” - “Steel hunting” and “Excellence”. 
3. And the third is the "Second Front." It includes 3 combat operations with various conditions for completing tasks and three new tanks as the main award.

What rewards are waiting for players for completing campaigns in the World of Tanks?

For completing the First campaign "The Long-Awaited Backup", the player will receive: 

  • StuG IV
  • Т28 Сoncept
  • Т55A 
  • Object 260
The operations must be completed consecutively. You can obtain the Object 260 heavy tank only after completing the previous three operations.

For completing the Campaign "The Second Front", the player will receive: 

  • Excalibur
  • Chimera 
  • Object 279 (e)
Access to The Second Front campaign is not affected by your results in The Long-Awaited Backup. You can start completing both campaigns simultaneously.

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Level 1 аватарка
Chris Gonner

Fast and easy process. Good customer support that is always there to help, and very talented players as well. All in all, a very satisfying experience. I will definitely be using Boost Hub's services again. CG

Level 4 аватарка

Great Job, Big Respect !!!

Level 4 аватарка

Great Job, Big Respect !!!

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