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World of Tanks Events

World of Tanks is not just about fighting epic tank battles but also participating in a variety of events throughout the year. These events offer players the chance to earn unique rewards, rare tanks, and other valuable items. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, participating in events is a great way to experience everything World of Tanks has to offer.

Event World of Tanks

World of Tanks hosts a range of events throughout the year, including special holiday events, historical events, and more. These events provide players with a unique way to earn exclusive tanks, gold, and other rewards. Here are some of the most popular World of Tanks events:


Frontline is a large-scale battle mode where teams fight for control of key objectives. The mode is available periodically throughout the year and offers a unique experience with 30v30 battles on a massive map. Players can earn unique tanks, including the prestigious Tier IX AE Phase I, by playing this mode.

Steel Hunter 

Steel Hunter is a Battle Royale-style game mode where players fight to be the last tank standing. This mode is available during certain events and offers a unique and exciting way to play World of Tanks. Players can earn unique rewards, including the Tier VIII BM-42-57.

The Waffentrager: Legacy 

The Waffentrager: Legacy is an event where players can earn a range of unique tanks and other rewards. This event consists of a series of missions, and players must complete each mission to earn rewards. There are a variety of tanks available, including the rare and powerful Waffentrager auf Pz. IV.


Onslaught is a fast-paced event where players must battle hordes of enemy tanks. The event consists of a series of stages, and players must complete each stage to progress. Players can earn unique tanks and other rewards by participating in this event.

WoT Best Tanks for Missions 

One of the biggest challenges in World of Tanks is completing missions. However, having the right tank can make all the difference. Some tanks are better suited for certain types of missions, making it easier to complete them. Here are some of the best tanks for completing missions:
  • Object 260 - This heavy tank is highly durable and can take a lot of punishment.
  • Object 279 (e) - This heavy tank has excellent armor and can withstand a lot of damage.
  • LT-432 - This light tank is highly mobile and can be used in scouting missions.
  • Progetto M35 mod. 46 - This medium tank is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of missions.
  • Object 279 (e): A Soviet tier X heavy tank with strong armor and high mobility.
  • EBR 105: A French tier X light tank with excellent mobility and view range.
  • T95/FV4201 Chieftain: A British tier X heavy tank with strong frontal armor and good gun depression.
  • Object 140: A Soviet tier X medium tank with excellent mobility and a fast-firing gun.
  • Manticore: A British tier X light tank with good mobility and excellent camouflage rating.

World of Tanks Events Participating in World of Tanks events is a great way to earn rewards and unique tanks. These events are held periodically throughout the year and provide players with a fun and engaging way to experience the game. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, there's an event for everyone. So, be sure to check out the World of Tanks events calendar and start participating today!

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