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World of Tanks Global Map

"Global Map"

Global Map is a unique team game mode for World of Tanks. This mode uses Fog of War and Freeze equipment. Here, both the strategic and tactical components of the team play are presented. Clans are fighting a fierce battle for territories on the playing field - the Global Map. Participation in battles on the Global Map allows participants to receive valuable rewards both for the clan and personally, as well as collect styles or premium tanks of level 7-8 in the Workshop.


Events taking place on the Global Map are divided into Seasons and Events.

Events on the Global Map are usually held 2 times a year - in winter and summer. Events do not last long, from 10 to 14 days, but the prizes based on the results of the Event are much more significant. Clans do not earn gold from provinces during the Event. For each battle, the clan receives clan Fame Points, players receive personal Fame Points and components for the Workshop, from which you can assemble premium tanks of the 7th or 8th level. According to the results of the Event, the players who got into the top of the rating receive:
  • the opportunity to purchase a promotional tank of the 10th level, for a certain number of personal Fame Points and a fixed amount of bonds;
  • event participant medals, special achievement medals, patches, award styles and decals;
  • bonds.
Personal Fame Points can also be exchanged for valuable prizes in the Store - credits, styles, emblems, reserves, crew members, premium days.Also, any Event participant who has played 5 or more battles can take part in the auction for a promotional tier 10 tank by choosing a tank from the available ones. according to the regulations and by placing a bet in bonds.


After completing the order, you can choose one of the awards:
  • T95/FV4201 Chieftain (not available) 
  • 116-F3
  • Carro da Combattimento 45 t
  • Object 907
  • 121B
  • VK72.01K
  • M60
  • T95E6

How it's work?

When ordering this service, our professional players will select and join a special clan that will play on the global map to receive the highest reward.

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Level 2 аватарка

Once again awesome service all missions done already thank you
Will definitely buy again soon enough!!

Level 2 аватарка

Amazing customer support and mission done super fast and smooth!

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Nice Work.

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The boost of World of Tanks accounts gives you the opportunity to get a variety of combat vehicles. In addition, upon completion of the upgrade, you will have trained crew with absolutely all the important skills, which will be useful in the most difficult game moments.

Errors in the initial stages of combat advancement seriously affect your statistics, which is why the road to a good clan or platoon is closed. We can correct the situation with your statistics. If you just registered your account, we can boost your account.
Your account stats and crews will improve, you will accumulate credits and free XP, some missions will be completed, high chance to get ace tankers and marks of excellence.
We will use your available reserves, unless you have instructed us not to use them.
We might need to spend a bit of gold if your tanks are not fully equipped or equipped with wrong items. Price to move 1 piece of equipment is 10 gold, so total spent on this is under 100 gold most of the time. For tank line grind we will move all 3 equipment parts from tank to tank.
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