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  • 29 November 2021
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Welcome, tankers! With you boost-hub and a review of the new British premium heavy tank Charlemagne in World of Tanks. This tank can be obtained for completing WoT Ranked Battles. Let's look at the characteristics and evaluate what the developers came up with.


Characteristics Charlemagne


Firepower Charlemagne

At the disposal of the new HT 120 mm gun with a large one-time damage of 440 units. Armor penetration with a basic armor-piercing projectile is quite good 220 mm, and on gold 270 mm. But the most depressing thing is that the payoff for alpha was a very long cooldown of 15.34 seconds. Only VK 75.01 (K) is longer, but its alpha is also higher. In this case, the Object 252U Defender and 50TP prototype have the same one-time damage, but cooldown is still faster. Therefore, Charlemagne has one of the lowest DPMS among premium strands of 1721 units.


The mixing time is 3.07 seconds, like the Defender, and the final accuracy of 0.42 is also the same. On the positive side, the Brit has comfortable vertical guidance angles of -10/+15 and a fairly good tower rotation speed of 33.38 deg/s, as for a string.

Survivability Charlemagne


The standard safety margin is 1500 units. The armor of the tower and hull is extremely weak, if the upper frontal part still has something to ricochet in the top of the list, then in other projections — I don't want to break through, as they say. Therefore, tanking is clearly not for him. The gun mask occupies a large part of the turret in the frontal projection, but it is quite possible to aim the turret there.

The developers say that despite the weak nominal armor, the equipment has rational angles of inclination of the armor plates, which in terms of security equates it to level 9 tanks. It sounds nice, but it needs to be tested in practice.

Mobility and spotting Charlemagne

So we got to the highlight of this car. Due to the small weight of 45 tons (it is the lightest among the strands) and the high specific power of 18 hp/t, it can quickly reach a maximum speed of 42 km/h. But it does not shine with maneuverability, the chassis rotation speed is 27.12 deg/s.


Among the weights, it has a good disguise standing still at 7.07% (although even in this parameter, the "Defender" bypasses it). The viewing radius is 380 meters, which is the average value for a level 8 HT.


Equipment selection Charlemagne

As it usually happens, when equipping a tank with modules, you need to try to strengthen its strengths and brighten up its shortcomings. In the case of Charlemagne, the equipment is selected as follows:

Slot text text
1 Gun Rammer
A mandatory module, as only with it you can achieve acceptable damage per minute.
2 Vertical Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer.png
Improvement of the already good stabilization of the gun, hence higher accuracy and the ability to shoot immediately.
3 Coated Optics
This option will improve our review, which is already a good one.

There is a very good alternative to the last point-this is Улучшенная_вентиляция.png, after all, it gives a good boost to many characteristics, so someone may like it even more, but it is better to put it when you pump the crew. As for installing new additional hardware. Then you should pay attention to the hardening, or improved layout. These 2 modules can increase the survivability of your tank.

Crew training Charlemagne

Another extremely important, but in our case very standard point. On Charlemagne, the perks are based on the same principle as the equipment is selected – we get the most out of it. To do this, in no case should we forget about speeding up repairs, skills to stabilize and improve all the characteristics of the crew, the overall picture looks like this:

Role 1 2 3 4 5
shestoe_chuvstvo.png remont.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png
remont.png plavnyy_povorot_bashni.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png FireFightingico.png
DRIVER remont.png plavnyy_hod.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png 50px-Король_бездорожья.png FireFightingico.png
LOADER remont.png beskontaktnaya_boeukladka.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png FireFightingico.png

Consumables Selection Charlemagne

Slot Machine Consumables Features
1 Large repair kit
Action: Repair of all damaged modules. +10% to the speed of module repair (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not)
Preparation time: 90 seconds. It is debited after the battle, if it was used at least once.
Cost: 20 000.
2 Large first aid kit
Action: Treats all wounded tankers. -5% of the stun time and +15% to protect the crew from injuries (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not). It can be used repeatedly.
Preparation time: 90 seconds. It is debited after the battle, if it was used at least once.
Cost: 20 000.

3 Pudding and Tea
Pudding and Tea
Action: +10% to all skills of the entire crew until the end of the battle. Fully expended in one battle. For each battle, you need to buy a new one.
Cost: 20 000.


On the first impression, Charlemagne is "middling". In addition to mobility and alpha, nothing else impresses, although there is also a supposedly ricochet armor in front. But the reload is catastrophically long, according to the DPM, most of his classmates and even some of the MT will understand it up close. At the same time, he needs to be afraid of approaching for the reason that in the case of a ram with another HT, he will always be in a losing position.

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