Obj. 260 Tank: Characteristics and Tactics in World of Tanks
Object 260 Tank Review: Pros, Cons, and Tactics for World of Tanks | Guides  Object 260 Tank Review: Pros, Cons, and Tactics for World of Tanks | Guides 

Object 260 Tank Review: Pros, Cons, and Tactics for World of Tanks

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  • 19 August 2021
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object260, personal missions

Specifications and Crew Skills for Obj. 260 Tank

Probably, it's no secret that this device is issued for performing the last and most difficult, the fourth stage of personal combat tasks. This means that to get it to your hangar, you must perform a personal missions on Object 260, spend a lot of effort, that is, you will have to sweat hard. Now we will analyze the parameters of this device in detail, and you will understand whether the game is worth the candle. With the release of patch 1.3 for World of Tanks, Object 260 was upgraded and now it has become quite a good tank.


Object 260 Specifications: Full Tank Stats and Features


Object 260 Crew Skills: Tips for Maximizing Your Crew

The process of pumping skills always requires much more care and here you should understand that you need to choose only the most important and necessary. In our case, we are talking about increasing survivability by all available means, as well as increasing the comfort of shooting, in general, for Object 260, the perks swing in this sequence:
COMMANDER shestoe_chuvstvo.png remont.png boevoe_bratstvo.png radioperehvat.png
GUNNER remont.png plavnyy_povorot_bashni.png boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png
DRIVER remont.png plavnyy_hod.png boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png

LOADER remont.png beskontaktnaya_boeukladka.png boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png

Object 260 Equipment: Best Loadout for the Tank

object260 equipment
  1. Gun Rammer - We have a good damage per minute, but to make it good, it is important to speed up the recharge, the choice is obvious
  2. Vertical Stabilizer - Our accuracy parameters are good against the background of other Soviet HT tier 10, but it does not hurt to improve them, because this way you will be able to deal damage more confidently.
  3. Improved Ventilation - an excellent completion of the kit, which will give a small increase to all important characteristics.
The only possible and in some cases correct alternative to the last point is Coated Optics. It should be stopped only in cases when the crew of Object 260 has not learned the skills to increase visibility and you want to be able to detect the enemy first.

Object 260 Pros and Cons: Is It Worth Getting?

Pros Cons
  • Strong frontal hull armor and turret armor
  • Great gun handling and DPM
  • 3rd highest standard penetration of all heavy tanks (default ammunition is APCR!)
  • Superior top speed and less weight than IS-7, giving it excellent mobility similar to mediums
  • High speed and good armor make it good for ramming
  • Turret has a cupola weakspot unlike the IS-7's turret (it is small, though).
  • Lower plate is easily penned like the IS-7's, but the thick beak from IS-7 is absent.
  • Armor is preangled, like on IS-7, so angling makes UFP much weaker.
  • Extremely low HP pool for a heavy tank, tied for 2nd worst HP pool out of all tier X heavies.
  • Requires completion of all four sets of Personal Missions to earn.

Object 260 Guide: How to Play and Master the Tank

Now we have a very versatile machine in our hands, which has the reservation and armament of a heavy tank, as well as the mobility of an average one. Based on this, for Object 260 the tactics of fighting can be very diverse, you need a creative approach, the ability to think quickly and make the right decisions.

At its core the Soviet heavy tank Object 260 is an offensive machine that feels equally comfortable both with allied strands and in a rush with friendly medium tanks. Having enlisted the help of your teammates, try to play aggressively, but remember that the Object 260 tank is very mobile and you should not rush into battle ahead of everyone, you need to act prudently and carefully.

Arriving at the line with the strands, it is enough to take an advantageous position, that is, to hide the frontal projection of the hull and expose the tank with a diamond, showing the side at a favorable angle. However, you can also act a little differently, The object 260 World of Tanks can look directly at the enemy, but in this case, take care to hide the lower frontal armor, and it will not be superfluous to dance in order to make it difficult for the enemy to aim the roof.

Of course, we must not forget about the presence of artillery in the battle, that is, HT Object 260 must occupy a position so that the enemy art does not have the possibility of a direct shot. At the same time, try not to let the enemy go around you and drive you into the bot, because in this case, the strength of the armor is significantly reduced.

As for the rush with the allied medium tanks, you can act more boldly. Here Object 260 WoT performs the role of a battering ram, you must lead the attack, as with a high probability, you will be the most armored member of the offensive. Moving quickly and sweeping away everything in your path, you will not only prolong your life, but also save your allies from taking damage.

As a final word, I just want to say that the car in front of us is very worthwhile, the tank is very diverse in the choice of tactics and versatile. In addition, I want to remind you that if you are interested Object 260 how to get, the answer is simple – pass the missions, but do not expect a quick and easy achievement of the goal.

Object 260 Summary: Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The tank feels a lot like a faster IS-7 with better gun handling and standard ammo penetration. In exchange it has lower health pool, slightly weaker side armor, a cupola weakspot, and lower alpha damage. This tank can reach high speeds with an excellent pw/wt ratio of nearly 20, and is very similar to medium tanks in terms of mobility.

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