The Ultimate Guide to the 116-F3 Tank in World of Tanks

116-F3 - Chinese reward tank

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  • 26 February 2023
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The 116-F3 Tank: Overview and Key Stats

The 116-F3 is a formidable heavy tank in World of Tanks that is renowned for its excellent armor and high alpha damage. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the 116-F3 and provide you with tips and strategies for dominating the battlefield with this tank.

Overview of the 116-F3 Tank

The 116-F3 is a Tier VIII Chinese heavy tank that was introduced in Update 9.20. It boasts a thick frontal armor that can bounce even Tier X shells, making it one of the toughest tanks in the game. The tank also has a high alpha damage of 440 HP and a decent rate of fire, making it a lethal weapon on the battlefield.

Advantages of the 116-F3 Tank

  • Excellent Armor: The 116-F3 has one of the best frontal armors in the game, making it a difficult target for enemy tanks.
  • High Alpha Damage: The 440 HP alpha damage of the 116-F3 can quickly take out enemy tanks, especially lower tier ones.
  • Good Rate of Fire: The tank's rate of fire of 6.9 rounds per minute is decent for a heavy tank, allowing for consistent damage output.

Disadvantages of the 116-F3 Tank

  • Poor Mobility: The 116-F3 is a slow tank, with a top speed of only 35 km/h. This makes it vulnerable to flanking maneuvers by faster tanks.
  • Weak Side and Rear Armor: The side and rear armor of the 116-F3 is relatively weak, making it susceptible to damage from flanking shots.
  • Long Reload Time: The tank's long reload time of 10 seconds can be a disadvantage in close combat situations.

Strategies for Using the 116-F3 Tank

  • Use Your Armor to Your Advantage: The thick frontal armor of the 116-F3 is its greatest asset. Use it to absorb enemy shots while returning fire with your high alpha damage gun. Try to angle your tank to make your weak spots less vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Stick to the Front Lines: The 116-F3 is a heavy tank that is best used in close combat situations. Stay on the front lines of the battle and push forward with your team.
  • Avoid Flanking Maneuvers: The weak side and rear armor of the 116-F3 make it vulnerable to damage from flanking shots. Always be aware of your surroundings and try to stay with your team to avoid being caught out in the open.
  • Prioritize High Priority Targets: With your high alpha damage gun, you can quickly take out lower tier tanks or deal significant damage to higher tier ones. Prioritize high priority targets such as enemy heavy tanks or tank destroyers.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Retreat: The 116-F3 is not a fast tank, and it can be difficult to escape from dangerous situations. Don't be afraid to retreat if you are being overwhelmed by enemy tanks. Regroup with your team and come back to the battle when you have a better advantage.

Upgrades and Equipment for the 116-F3 Tank

When it comes to upgrades and equipment for the 116-F3 tank, there are several options to consider:
  • Gun Rammer: A gun rammer will decrease the reload time of your tank, making it a more effective weapon on the battlefield.
  • Improved Ventilation: Improved ventilation will increase your crew's training level, giving you an advantage in combat.
  • Vertical Stabilizer: A vertical stabilizer will improve your accuracy when firing on the move, making it easier to hit your targets.
  • Coated Optics: Coated optics will increase your view range, allowing you to spot enemy tanks from a greater distance.

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In conclusion, the 116-F3 is a powerful heavy tank that can dominate the battlefield with its excellent frontal armor and high alpha damage gun. While the tank's poor mobility and weak side and rear armor can be a disadvantage, its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses. By using the tank's armor to your advantage, sticking to the front lines, prioritizing high priority targets, and choosing the right upgrades and equipment, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield with the 116-F3. With a little practice and strategy, you can master this tank and become a force to be reckoned with in World of Tanks.


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