World of Tanks Ranked Battles Reward: American Heavy Tank Level 9 Concept 1B Guide

Concept 1B - USA Reward Tank

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  • 29 November 2021
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How to effectively play the American heavy tank Concept 1B in World of Tanks?

Hello everyone and welcome to boost-hub! Today in the guide we will talk about a very interesting reward for Ranked battles in World of Tanks, among many special 9 levels that have been actively tested by super-testers lately. Our current hero is the award-winning American heavy tank Level 9 Concept 1b!


Characteristics Concept 1B

Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the technique, comparing it with other strands of level 9. There are not many promotional HT's there, so I added some of the pumped ones that are most similar in terms of gameplay.


Firepower Concept 1B

Concept 1B is equipped with a 105 mm weapon with a one-time damage of 400 units — the minimum value for a string at level 9. And the armor penetration is excellent: 258 mm with a basic sub-caliber projectile with high flight speed and 340 mm with a special cumulative one.


A good turret rotation speed will allow you to react quickly in dynamic battles. Vertical guidance angles are very convenient -10...+20°, so it can perfectly target the enemy in any position.

The accuracy of 0.36 is mediocre, and the mixing time of 2.21 seconds is fast, slightly offsetting the smaller alpha. In general, the damage per minute of 2276 is the best among classmates due to a quick cooldown of 10.55 seconds.

Survivability Concept 1B


The minimum safety margin of equipment among classmates is 1800 units. Unlike AE Phase I, here the upper frontal part is better protected than the lower frontal part, but it will be easily broken through by classmates of level 9. The angle of inclination of the armor does not guarantee tanking at close range, so the body definitely needs to be hidden.

But the Concept 1B can tank when playing from the side, the main thing is not to twist it too much and not to substitute armor plates over the tracks.

Booking the tower looks more reliable, it is almost impossible to break through it in the forehead without having an advantage in height. The gun mask covers almost the entire frontal projection. Pay attention to the shape of the tower:

  • The roof is at a good angle, so you can't break through it;
  • The commander's turret is difficult to target, as it is located far away;
  • the turret is elongated and the armor plates are located at right angles, so they can easily break through from the side, but no one will break through them in the forehead. The armor tilt of 0° will provide a reduction of more than 1000 mm.

Summing up the booking, we can say that the tank is poorly suited for city streets due to the poorly protected body and vulnerable areas in the front. But it is perfectly played and confidently tanks the tower, if you take a position from the terrain.

Mobility and spotting Concept 1B

The tank has a small mass of 43.6 tons, while it was given one of the best engines. Therefore, due to the best among classmates specific power of 20.64 hp/t quickly develops a maximum speed of 45 km/h. But that's not all, the chassis rotation speed is also the best 43.81 °/s.


A viewing radius of 400 meters is the ultimate dream for a level 9 heavyweight. He also has good stealth, which under certain conditions can give him an advantage in battle.


Equipment selection Concept 1B

For this tank, the best option is to install additional modules to increase firepower in order to make the advantage in firepower more pronounced:

Slot text text
1 Gun Rammer
Be sure to speed up reloading to play, starting from high damage per minute;
2 Vertical Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer.png
Reducing the spread circle will allow you to fire more effectively;
3 Improved VentilationУлучшенная_вентиляция.png
Increases all parameters of the equipment, including accuracy and viewing radius.

Crew training

The Concept 1B consists of four tankers, and the commander traditionally combines the specialization of a radio operator. We recommend that you learn this set of skills:

Role 1 2 3 4
COMMANDER shestoe_chuvstvo.png remont.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png radioperehvat.png
GUNNER remont.png plavnyy_povorot_bashni.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png 50px-Снайпер.png
DRIVER remont.png plavnyy_hod.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png 50px-Король_бездорожья.png
LOADER remont.png beskontaktnaya_boeukladka.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png

Priority first of course Repair, and after gaining experience for 2.5 levels, we reset to select all tankers Battle brotherhood. Download perks for the commander to increase the view to reach the maximum value.

Of the general skills at level 4, you should pay attention to Disguise. Given the initially good stealth coefficient, you can improve it quite well, which in some situations will give you the right to fire the first shot. And at level 5, you should think about studying Firefighting equipment.

Consumables Selection Concept 1B

Slot Machine Consumables Features
1 Large repair kit
Action: Repair of all damaged modules. +10% to the speed of module repair (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not)
Preparation time: 90 seconds. It is debited after the battle, if it was used at least once.
Cost: 20 000.
2 Large first aid kit
Effect: Activates automatically 0.5 seconds after the tank catches fire and passively reduces the chance to catch fire by 10%.
Cost: 20 000,

3 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Action: +10% to all skills of the entire crew until the end of the battle. Fully expended in one battle. For each battle, you need to buy a new one.
Cost: 20 000.


As it has been repeatedly said, this device has very good dynamics by the standards of heavy tanks, a very good maximum speed, a tolerable gun and an interesting turret. All these parameters allow us to conduct quite active combat operations and sometimes even feel comfortable in the World of Tanks random.

As a continuation of the traditions of the American heavy tank branch, the Concept 1b's battle tactics can be very similar to those of its upgraded comrades. This means that we quite successfully play from the terrain, trying to tank the tower. However, you need to act very carefully in this case, do not stand still.

The same goes for head-on confrontations, when you have to play from the body armor. Try your best to hide the lower frontal part and constantly dance around. This significantly increases the chance of a rebound hitting us.

Otherwise, the US Concept 1b heavy tank is able to change flanks and attack directions, support Allies on different lines, and push through directions, forming an armored tank along with allied strands. If necessary, the speed is enough to go back and hit the base, knock down the capture. In other words, always look at the mini-map and analyze the situation of the battle.

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