Obj. 279 (e) in World of Tanks: Specifications, Crew Skills, Pros and Cons, and Gameplay
All About Obj. 279 (e): Specifications, Crew Skills, Pros and Cons, and Gameplay | Guides  All About Obj. 279 (e): Specifications, Crew Skills, Pros and Cons, and Gameplay | Guides 

All About Obj. 279 (e): Specifications, Crew Skills, Pros and Cons, and Gameplay

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  • 7 August 2021
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Obj. 279 (e) Specifications, Crew Skills, and Equipment Selection

With the release of new Personal missions 2.0: Second front, a unique Soviet tank with 4 tracks appeared in the award vehicles. This tank can only be obtained after completing difficult tasks. A Tier 10 tank has a unique shape and characteristics.

Obj. 279e Specifications: Key Characteristics of the Soviet Tank

 Obj-279e-2.jpg Obj-279e.jpg

Obj. 279e Crew Skills: Recommendations for Effective Training

Before learning the perks from the crew, you need to familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. Recommended skills for the crew to learn step by step:


Above are the most relevant perks that are recommended to be learned as you train your crew. More often, there is already a trained crew for tier 10 tanks, but since this is a reward vehicle, the above recommendations will come in handy. It is also worth considering that the commander combines the profession of a radio operator, so the pumped perks must be properly divided.

Obj. 279e Equipment Selection: Best Options for the Heavy Tank

This heavy tank is fighting on the front line, so the following equipment should be installed:

  • Gun Rammer - we increase the average damage per minute by accelerating reloading by 10%, must be installed;
  • Vertical Stabilizer - since the Medium tanks are constantly in motion, exchanging fire on the go with other classmates or Light tanks, spinning Heavy tanks or in an attempt to bypass the tank destroyer, a decrease in spread will significantly increase the chance of hitting the enemy;
  • Improved Ventilation - if the crew has trained the perks for review and Battle Brotherhood, then an increase of 5% to all tank crew skills is the best choice to increase the combat effectiveness of the vehicle;
  • Alternative option: Improved Ventilation, you can put enlightened optics and increase the viewing radius.обзор.jpg

Pros and Cons of Obj. 279e: What You Need to Know

  • Best DPM among Russian heavy tanks
  • Good gun handling, aim time and accuracy for a 122mm gun
  • Extremely strong turret armor and very well armored upper glacis
  • Does not have a lower plate or other prominent frontal weakspots
  • Good mobility for a heavy tank
  • Bad gun depression like most Russian tanks
  • One of the most hated tanks in the game - artillery, HE and premium ammo magnet
  • Can only be obtained by finishing a difficult and time-consuming campaign

Obj. 279e Gameplay Guide: Tips for Playing the Soviet Tank

First of all, it is worth highlighting the feature of the new tank in the game. Since the hull of the tank rests on 4 tracks, it lacks the lower frontal part. This means that the traditional vulnerability for all tanks is simply not there.
The turret of the tank is monolithic and has practically no weak zones in the frontal part. The tank is designed for shootouts on the first line, and it does not need to hide the hull.
The upper frontal part does not have much armor, but sharp corners increase the reduced armor, and ricochets often occur due to the unique shape.

But here, too, everything is not so simple. Again, the shape of the tank plays a significant role, which is why the shells often ricochet. However, the sides do not hold back the shells of classmates as much as the lower plate part, so it is not recommended to tank with the sides. And there is no need to do this, since they are usually tanked sideways to cover the vulnerable lower armor plate, which Object 279 does not have.

It is armed with a 122 mm gun with a one-time damage of 440 HP. This is the average among Tier 10 heavy tanks. It is worth noting good accuracy and stabilization, at which the tank will be effective not only at close distances. The turret of the tank is strong, but with a low silhouette. This means that the implement does not have large angles of vertical depression, so the most effective position will be behind embankments and heaps.

The specific engine power is 14 hp / t, so the Object 279 (e) will confidently gain a top speed of 40 km / h. The disadvantages include slow steering, both chassis and turret. It follows from this that the tank is categorically not recommended to fight in open spaces, since even a medium tank with good mobility will be able to spin.

The maximum view radius is average for tier 10, but not the lowest. With a trained crew and installed equipment, a Soviet heavy tank will light up the enemy at a distance of more than 420 m.

Obj. 279e Tank: A Unique Reward Vehicle in World of Tanks

Object 279 (e) appeared in the game quite recently. To get a unique vehicle in WoT, the player will have to complete a large number of the most difficult personal combat missions. However, the tank is worth spending a lot of time on it. The vehicle is unique primarily in its structure, since it is the first tank in the game that does not have a lower frontal part. This tank is not often seen, so it is impossible to describe what kind of enemy it is. Viewing by the individual videos of popular bloggers, Object 279 is an interesting tank with its own unique characteristics and gameplay.
Also, if you have any difficulties with completing personal missions, you can always order them from us and get the desired unique tank - Obj. 279e.

How to get Obj 279 in World of Tanks?

To obtain the Obj. 279 tank in World of Tanks, players must successfully complete the first set of Personal Missions, which are a series of tasks that are designed to test your skills in battle. These missions can be challenging and time-consuming, and not everyone has the time or patience to complete them. Fortunately, players have the option to use boost services such as Boost-hub.com to help them complete these missions and obtain the Obj. 279e tank more quickly and easily. Boost services provide experienced players who will complete the missions for you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the Obj. 279e without having to go through the trouble of completing the missions yourself.


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