Chimera Tank Guide: Specs, Crew Skills, Equipment, Pros and Cons, and How to Play
Chimera Tank Guide: How to Master the Unique Gameplay of the British Medium Tank | Guides  Chimera Tank Guide: How to Master the Unique Gameplay of the British Medium Tank | Guides 

Chimera Tank Guide: How to Master the Unique Gameplay of the British Medium Tank

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  • 18 August 2021
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Chimera, personal missions

Chimera Tank Specifications, Crew Skills, and Equipment

In a recent update, new combat tasks 2.0 were released with new tanks as a merit for their passage. For completing the campaign called "Chimera", the player receives a unique British medium tank of the 8th level Chimera, which is distinguished, first of all, by its powerful weapon.

Chimera Tank Specifications: Unique British Medium Tank of Level 8


Chimera, personal missions

Chimera Crew Skills: Recommended Skills for Personal Missions 2.0 Tank

Before learning the perks from the crew,, it is necessary to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. 
Recommended skills for the crew to learn step by step:

Crew skills for Chimera

On the British, the role of the radio operator is combined by the loader, therefore, first of all, he needs to upgrade the radio operator's "Situational Awareness" skill, since the standard view radius of the tank is too small.

Chimera Equipment: Best Selection for Unusual Medium Tank Characteristics

Chimera has unique characteristics that are unusual for medium tanks, so the equipment must be installed based on them:
chimera equipment
  1. Gun Rammer - The tank's gun is charging too slowly, so you need to put the sender first.
  2. Vertical Stabilizer - The Chimera gun does not have good stabilization, so installing a stabilizer will slightly improve shooting on the move.
  3. Coated Optics - The standard viewing radius of the Briton is 360 m, which is considered too low among the MTtier 8. Enlightened optics must be put at least for the first time, until the perks of the crew are trained, otherwise the tank will depend entirely on the allies.
Instead of the stabilizer, you can put reinforced guidance drives to speed up the reduction by 10%. If the player does not consider the viewing radius an important aspect, then instead of illuminated optics, improved ventilation can be installed, which will improve the performance of all crew characteristics by 5%.

Chimera Pros and Cons: Weaknesses and Advantages of the Tank

Advantages Disadvantages
one-time damage weak hull armor
dynamics aiming time
armor penetration with a basic projectile frequent damage to modules
gun depression Frequent injury of the crew
Slow reload
poor gun stabilization

How to Play Chimera: Tactics and Gameplay for Unique British Medium Tank

Chimera is the first level 8 medium tank in the game with a one-time damage of 440 units. Almost no single-level heavy tank has such damage. However, the MT pays for the damage by the lack of reservation, poor visibility and low maneuverability.

The maximum speed of the tank is 50 km/h, while the specific engine power of almost 16 hp / t allows it to gain, although not quickly, but confidently.

However, at any speed, the Briton turns badly, this is indicated by the indicator of the turning speed of the chassis of 30 degrees./sec.

The armor of the tank body is 103 mm in the frontal part, which is too small at level 8 to repel enemy shells.

According to the characteristics of the tower, it is more or less armored, but its completely rectangular shape without any corners indicates the absence of reduced armor. This means that to break through the British tower, you will need a gun with a minimum armor penetration of 200-205 mm.
At level 8, most of the equipment has guns with armor penetration of more than 200 mm, so you should not rely on the tank's armor.
The disadvantages also include a viewing radius of 360 m. This is too low for an average level 8 tank.
If you do not install equipment and do not increase the crew to the viewing range, the tank will be practically "blind" in battle and will completely depend on the allies, which is not typical for medium tanks.
The Chimera just needs to install equipment and train the skills of "Situational Awareness" and "Recon" in order to somehow improve the characteristics of the review.
The main advantage of the Chimera is its weapon, which has a record one-time damage of 440 units for MT tier 8.

The reloading of this gun is correspondingly too large, so it is not suitable for breaking through the enemy flanks. No matter how it sounds, but with such a gun you need to act as a support for the 2nd and 3rd lines, because after the shot you need to hide your fragile body for about 13 seconds.

The mixing and scattering of the tank also does not allow you to deal damage in motion.

The ability to "Snap Shot", "Smooth Ride" and the installed equipment "Vertical Stabilizer" can not significantly improve the situation, however, for a greater chance of hitting, you will still have to stop to get down.

The tank is quite unique, since a gun with a large one-time damage and a long reload does not allow for active firefights, plus there is no reservation. The advantage of the tower is that you can use reliefs and hills, since the angles of vertical declination of the gun are -10 degrees.

The tank's mixing is too long, but the spread allows you to hit enemy equipment from long and medium distances with full mixing.

On the first line, it is more comfortable to conduct firefights, however, a weak reservation increases the chances of destruction.

The tank does not have a good viewing radius, so the most comfortable will be fire support on the 2nd line.

With such characteristics, it is impossible to play like standard medium or heavy tanks, so you need to develop special tactics, taking into account the allies ' equipment and the map.

Chimera Tank Summary: Overview of Personal Missions 2.0 Tank

Chimera, like all Personal missions 2.0 tanks, has a unique gameplay, unusual for World of Tanks.

Perhaps the developers, with the help of these tanks, want to diversify the gameplay. But the fact is that the Chimera is the weakest of the new 2.0 tanks, if you look at the player reviews.

To as a rule, unbalanced tanks are too weak, developers change them after some time to improve their competitiveness.

Initially, before the release of new combat tasks, the Chimera had slightly different characteristics, and the gun caused even more one-time damage. Therefore, it is possible that the British will be changed to increase the interest of players in it.

How to get Chimera in World of Tanks?

To obtain the Chimera tank in World of Tanks, players must successfully complete the first set of Personal Missions, which are a series of tasks that are designed to test your skills in battle. These missions can be challenging and time-consuming, and not everyone has the time or patience to complete them. Fortunately, players have the option to use boost services such as to help them complete these missions and obtain the StuG IV tank more quickly and easily. Boost services provide experienced players who will complete the missions for you, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the StuG IV without having to go through the trouble of completing the missions yourself.


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