How to play Medium tanks in WoT | Specifications, Roles, and Strategies

How to play Medium tanks in WoT

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  • 21 July 2021
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Medium tanks are the most common vehicle class in World of Tanks. Each nation represented in the game has a Tier X MT. Also, among the premium tanks in the game, the most are MT. Unlike Light tanks, they have more powerful armament, better armor and a larger margin of health points, which entailed a decrease in dynamics. At the same time, according to these indicators, MT's are inferior to Heavy tanks, but more mobile. Therefore, they owe the name of the class precisely to the fact that they represent something in between LT and HT, which makes them versatile fighters in the battles.
  • Win a gun battle with a Light tank due to better weapons and armor;
  • Spin the slow Heavy tank;
  • Drive into the stern of the hulking Tank destroyer;
  • One of the first to break into the enemy base and destroy the self-propelled guns.
1 on 1 with another MT everything is decided by the skill of the player and the features of the tank
Success can only be achieved with a competent game, knowing the capabilities of the enemy and, first of all, your own tank.

Specifications for Medium Tanks

Specifications for Medium Tanks

Branch of Medium tanks each nation has its own individual characteristics and gameplay:
  • Most Soviet and Chinese MT's are distinguished by good gun stabilization and decent one-time damage. They have one of the best hull armor because the armor plates are located at rational angles, which increases the chance of a ricochet;
  • German Medium tanks amaze with the high accuracy of the guns and the fast aiming speed. It is represented by two branches, one of which is for long range, and the second for medium-close, since it has good booking. France also has an alternative backlighting with the AMX universal tank;
  • The first branch of the French Medium tanks and the tanks of Czechoslovakia represent vehicles armed with a magazine system for loading shells. The "French" have higher one-time damage and 1 projectile more magazine, better dynamics. Czechs stand out for their very fast CD both inside the drum and full magazine reload;
  • Medium tanks in Sweden are equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, which allows to significantly increase the angles of vertical depression of the gun and at the same time have one of the best camouflages among Medium tanks. Japanese Medium tanks in the next patches will also receive air suspension, which will make their gameplay a bit like Swedish.
  • The Medium tanks of Great Britain and the USA stand out for their strong turrets, comfortable vertical guidance angles and high armor penetration. At the same time, the British have better accuracy, and the Americans MT's have a faster aiming of the gun.
  • Italian Medium tanks are equipped with a drum reloading system, which allows them to play like regular tanks with cyclic reloading. But when the enemy has few health points, then you can go out and discharge a drum of 3-4 shells into him.

Role of Medium tanks

The classic Medium tanks is a support vehicle capable of inflicting damage, sometimes hitting back something, working to highlight the enemy, or quickly changing the flank. In urban conditions, they are inferior to Heave tanks, but in open space they have an advantage due to excellent dynamics and maneuverability.
Due to their versatility, medium tanks can be used on any map. Good armament and dynamics allow you to take key positions at the beginning of the battle, squeezing out LT from there or engaging in a firefight with enemy MT.
A strike group of several medium tanks poses a particular danger. If you coordinate actions correctly, then such a platoon will be able to decide the outcome of the battle. One of the main advantages of MT's is their complete self-sufficiency. They are less dependent on LT illumination than others, some can expect to tank an enemy projectile and at the same time have good enough damage per minute to stand up for themselves.

Crew skills for MT

Unlike HT and LT, a Medium tank playing on the second lane does not need the sixth sense skill so much, but as it should be, this is the first skill for a commander to learn.
The first skill is taken depending on the choice of the tank and the preferred style of play:
  • Repair, because the MT must constantly be in motion and therefore the downed gusl can become a direct ticket to the hangar;
  • Сamouflage option for those MT that shoot at medium and long distances, for example, the German branch of the Leopard 1 or the Swedish UDES.
For more accurate shooting in motion, a smooth ride and a smooth turret rotation are required to study.
Situational Awareness and Recon will help to increase the view of the tank by 5%.
Combat Brotherhood will increase all the characteristics of the vehicle.

Selection equipment for MT

Additional modules will help make the game more comfortable and efficient. The choice depends on the shells loading system and on how trained the crew.

For tanks with cyclic reloading:
  • Gun Rammer - we increase the average damage per minute by accelerating reloading by 10%, must be installed;
  • Vertical Stabilizer - since the Medium tanks are constantly in motion, exchanging fire on the go with other classmates or Light tanks, spinning Heavy tanks or in an attempt to bypass the tank destroyer, a decrease in spread will significantly increase the chance of hitting the enemy;
  • Improved Ventilation - if the crew has trained the perks for review and Battle Brotherhood, then an increase of 5% to all tank crew skills is the best choice to increase the combat effectiveness of the vehicle;
  • Coated Optics - a 10% increase in vision is the best choice if the crew has fully learned only 2 perks.
Without the skills mentioned above, the effect of ventilation will be invisible and there will be a lack of vision.
  • Tanks with a drum charging system cannot install a gun rammer. For an inexperienced crew, ventilation can be replaced with Enchanced Gun Laying Drive if aiming takes more than two seconds.

Combat with Medium tanks

For a successful game, first of all, you need to study all the advantages and disadvantages of your own tank. But just knowing them is not enough, you need to learn how to use your strengths in battle, while preventing your opponent from taking advantage of your weaknesses.

The gameplay of ST is difficult to master because it has absorbed a little bit from each class of tanks. He can highlight the enemy, tank in some situations, and if the weapon allows, then shoot from the bushes.2021-07-22_22-30-32.jpg
At the beginning of the battle, speed allows you to take up an important height, which will provide the team with an overview or a key position where you can cover the offensive of allied Heavy tanks. It is in such places that the first military clashes between the MT take place. Often in such situations, a larger group wins, or those whose artillery is more accurate.
If your team does not have LT or he was already killed by the middle of the battle, then a MT with a good view will be able to take on the role of a scout, rescuing the team. It does not have the same maneuverability as the LT, but it will still be faster than a Heavy tank, which will allow it to more successfully dodge an SPG shelling.
If you initially set out to be a scout, then you can quickly destroy the enemy LT. Armor is enough to tank a small caliber, and your firepower is higher too. In addition, due to the greater mass, you can fly in with a ram, immediately demolishing the enemy about half the hitpoints.
To play effectively, it is desirable to be well oriented on the map.

Medium tanks are the best at organizing a flank penetration. If an avalanche from the MT falls on a couple of entrenched clumsy enemies, they will be able to quickly disassemble them. High speed will provide an opportunity to drive the retreating enemy all the way to their base, although many slow Tank destroyers will surrender, trying to give at least one last shot. That is why platoons consisting of MT are so dangerous, they can turn the tide of the battle and decide it in their favor.
DlxOC7eWsAUGg40.jpgPay attention to the map. If the situation on the flank does not turn out to be in your favor, a medium tank can always retreat in time under the cover of allies, change its flank, or return to defend the base. On city maps, you should not go head-on on Heavy tanks, but you can help your allies by knocking down the enemy with a harp. The immobilized heavy will be easy prey for the SPG. In an open area, you can try to drive into the rear of a group of enemy HT's.

Brief summary

Medium tanks are a constant movement. Moving around the map to those areas where you need support, maneuvering under the SPG's sight, and at the same time you still need to do damage. Competent MT play is rewarded by the end of the battle, so you don't need to rush to rush forward in order to quickly make a frag. When you have a numerical advantage, the medium tank is always one of the first to drive into the enemy's rear and finish off the "shot" opponents or artillery standing at the base.

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