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WoT Onslaught Season Ultimate Guide

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  • 26 March 2023
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What are the key features and updates introduced in the "World of Tanks: Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin"?

The "World of Tanks: Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin" introduces several key features and updates:
  • New game mode: "Onslaught," a fast-paced, objective-based mode where teams must capture and defend strategic points.
  • Crimson Griffin tanks: A new line of tanks with unique abilities and characteristics, inspired by the mythical creature.
  • Special rewards: Exclusive rewards, including tank skins, emblems, and other customization items.
  • New maps: Several new battlegrounds featuring diverse terrain and strategic locations.
  • Balance changes: Tweaks to existing tanks and game mechanics to improve overall gameplay and balance.
  • Progression system overhaul: A revamped progression system with clearer objectives and milestones.
  • Competitive events: Special tournaments and leagues for players to test their skills and win unique rewards.
  • Collaborations: Partnerships with popular brands and franchises, bringing exclusive content to the game.
  • Customization options: New skins and customization items, some of which are exclusive to the Onslaught Season.
  • Improved matchmaking: Refined algorithms to provide fairer and more balanced matches for players.

How can I unlock the Crimson Griffin tanks and special rewards in the Onslaught Season?

To unlock Crimson Griffin tanks and special rewards, players must:
  • Complete various challenges and missions during the Onslaught Season.
  • Reach specific milestones in the revamped progression system.
  • Participate in limited-time events and collaborations.
  • Win exclusive rewards in competitive events, such as tournaments and leagues.
  • Purchase certain customization items and tank bundles from the in-game store.

What are the top strategies for success in the new game mode introduced in the Onslaught Season?

Top strategies for success in the new Onslaught game mode include:
  • Team coordination: Communicate with your teammates and plan your moves together for a more effective strategy.
  • Map control: Focus on capturing and defending strategic points to gain an advantage over the enemy team.
  • Tank selection: Choose tanks with roles and abilities that complement each other and suit the map's terrain.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your tactics based on the enemy team's composition and movements.
  • Resource management: Make efficient use of the in-game resources, such as respawns and ammunition.

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What balance changes have been implemented in the "Onslaught Crimson Griffin"?

Balance changes implemented in the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin include:

Tank Change Impact
A Buff Improved mobility and firepower, making it more viable in certain situations.
B Nerf Reduced armor and hit points, encouraging a more cautious playstyle.
C Rework Adjusted abilities to better fit its intended role in battle.
  • Changes to game mechanics: Adjustments to spotting, camouflage, and other mechanics to promote more diverse gameplay.
  • Matchmaking improvements: Updates to ensure more balanced and fair matches for all players.

Are there any limited-time events or collaborations during the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin?

Limited-time events and collaborations during the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin include:
  • Special in-game events: Complete challenges and missions to earn unique rewards and boosters.
  • Collaborations with popular brands: Exclusive skins, emblems, and other customization items inspired by the partnered franchises.
  • Community contests: Participate in creative contests for a chance to win rare prizes and recognition.

Can you provide an overview of the new maps added in the Onslaught?

An overview of the new maps added in the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin:
  • Map A: Features a mix of urban and open terrain, offering opportunities for both close-quarters combat and long-range engagements.
  • Map B: A heavily forested battleground with numerous chokepoints and ambush locations, favoring stealth and flanking tactics.
  • Map C: A large, open map with rolling hills and sparse cover, ideal for mobile tanks and coordinated team movements.
  • Map D: An industrial setting with multiple levels of elevation and narrow passages, requiring careful positioning and map awareness.

How does the new progression system work in the Onslaught Season, and how does it differ from previous seasons?

The new progression system in the Onslaught Season differs from previous seasons in the following ways:
  • Clearer objectives: The updated system features well-defined goals and challenges for players to complete.
  • Milestone rewards: Players earn rewards at specific milestones, offering a sense of progression and accomplishment.
  • Flexible playstyle: The revamped system accommodates different playstyles, allowing players to progress by focusing on their preferred aspects of the game.
  • Performance-based progression: Rewards and experience are tied to individual performance, encouraging players to improve their skills.
  • Seasonal progression: Players' progress resets at the start of each season, offering a fresh start and new challenges to complete.

What are the best tank lineups to use in the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin for different playstyles?

Best tank lineups for different playstyles in the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin

Aggressive playstyle:

  1. Tank A: Fast and mobile, able to flank enemies and capture strategic points quickly.
  2. Tank B: Heavy-hitting and well-armored, capable of leading the charge and soaking up damage.
  3. Tank C: Support tank with strong firepower, providing cover fire and suppressing enemies.

Defensive playstyle:

  1. Tank D: Well-armored and resilient, able to hold key positions and repel enemy advances.
  2. Tank E: Long-range sniper, dealing damage from afar and keeping enemies at bay.
  3. Tank F: Support tank with utility abilities, providing assistance and protection to allies.

Balanced playstyle:

  1. Tank G: Versatile and adaptable, able to perform various roles depending on the situation.
  2. Tank H: Mobile and stealthy, capable of scouting and gathering valuable information on enemy movements.
  3. Tank I: Support tank with a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities, bolstering the team's overall strength.

Are there any special customization options or skins exclusive to the "World of Tanks: Onslaught"?

Special customization options and skins exclusive to the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin include:
  • Crimson Griffin skins: Unique tank skins inspired by the mythical creature, available for a limited time during the season.
  • Exclusive emblems: Collectible emblems representing the Onslaught Season, which can be displayed on players' tanks.
  • Themed customization items: A variety of decals, inscriptions, and other items related to the season's theme and events.
  • Collaboration skins: Exclusive tank skins designed in partnership with popular brands and franchises.
  • Reward skins: Special skins earned by participating in competitive events and reaching specific milestones during the season.

How can I join or create a team to participate in the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin's competitive events?

To join or create a team for the Onslaught Season of the Crimson Griffin's competitive events, players can:
  • Use the in-game team finder: Search for teams looking for new members or create a new team and recruit players.
  • Join a clan: Find a clan that participates in competitive events and become a member.
  • Use community forums and social media: Connect with other players and form a team through World of Tanks forums, social media groups, and fan websites.
  • Participate in training events: Join training battles and workshops to improve your skills and network with potential teammates.
  • Attend local gaming events: Meet fellow players in person at gaming events and conventions, and form a team to compete in the Onslaught Season's events.

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