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Personal missions 2.0: Second Front | Guides  Personal missions 2.0: Second Front | Guides 

Personal missions 2.0: Second Front

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  • 3 August 2021
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New personal missions have been radically changed. Now there are no strict conditions for the class of tanks. Campaign "Second front" are divided into certain groups and differ by nation.

Conditions by Nation

Now tasks can be performed on any tanks, but it must belong to a certain group of nations:
  • Union - Vehicles from USSR, China
  • Bloc - Vehicles from Germany, Japan
  • Alliance - Vehicles from US, UK, Poland
  • Coalition - Vehicles from France, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Italy
All groups have different missions. But for the passage you will need the vehicles of all nations and classes. Those who do not like SPG vehicles will have to purchase this class, since each group has tasks for stunning, and this can only be done with artillery.

All tasks can be divided into:
  • Spotting;
  • Cause damage;
  • Blocking damage;
  • Stunning;
  • Supporting;
  • Destroying vehicles.

"Union" missions

Recommended vehicles: IS-3, IS-4, SU-100M1, IS-7, 121, WZ-132-1, 113, LTTB, Ob. 268/4, Ob. 140, Ob. 705A, WZ-113G FT, SU-14-2, Ob. 261, T100 LT.
Spotting. The highest quality of spotting is provided by the Soviet T100 LT tank. High speed and low silhouette allow the tank to scout both actively and passively. For dealing damage, the best Chinese LT WZ-132-1, as it has the most powerful weapon among all light tanks in the game. Cause damage. This includes almost all Union tanks, since it has powerful weapons of large diameters that have large one-time damage.

Damage blocking. The best tanks for blocking damage are considered to be the IS-4, Ob. 268/4, WZ-113G FT and Ob. 705A. This vehicles is capable of holding back a large number of hits from enemy vehicles, but only if the armor is used correctly. Heavy tanks tank well with their sides, and tank destroyers, when covered by lower frontal part, become almost impenetrable. It is worth noting the medium tanks of both nations, which can hold back shots thanks to their monolithic turrets.

Stunning. The only class in the Union that can accomplish this task is the USSR SPG's branch. Artillery of 8-10 tiers is most effective. Soviet SPG's do not have a lot of one-time damage, but they have good accuracy and fast reloading.

Supporting. The most effective are medium and light tanks of both nations. It is worth noting the light tank tier 10 T-100 LT. This tank can not only spotting the enemy, but also inflict a large amount of damage, hiding behind allies. The WZ-132-1 is less dynamic, but the 105 mm gun mounted on it allows it to inflict maximum one-time damage among light tanks. As for medium tanks, we can highlight the Soviet ob. 140, which has a strong tower, high DPM and better stabilization in the game. Chinese 121, not so mobile, but a weapon with a single damage of 440 HP allows you to deal a large amount of damage in battle.

Destroying vehicles. This task can be performed by the top tiers of Heavy tanks and Tank destroyers. Soviet heavy tanks are more durable than Chinese ones, but they lose in dynamics and DPM. Tank destroyer of the USSR Ob. 268/4 has amazing armor and good weaponry. On this tank, you can safely break into enemy zones. Chinese TD mounts are also well armored, but have poor mobility and accuracy.

"Bloc" missions

Recommended vehicle: VK 45.02 B, Maus, Pz. Kpfw 7, Grille 15, Type 4/5 Heavy, Jg. Pz E100, E50, E50 M, G.W. E100, Ru 251, Rhm. Pzw.

Spotting. German light tanks have good accurate armament and the best dynamics in the game. Ru 251 has a low silhouette that allows you to stealthily move around the map and passively spotting enemy tanks. The German of the tier 10, on the contrary, has large dimensions as for the LT, but the dynamics and armament give him an advantage over his rivals. In addition to a large viewing radius, the tank has high armor penetration with a basic shell, which allows it to inflict damage even on armored vehicles.

Cause damage. It is worth noting the armored heavy tanks of Japan, which have unique weapons capable of firing high-explosive fragmentation shells at enemies and inflicting a large amount of damage. The advantage of these weapons is that there is no need to target the enemy's weak zones, the main thing is to get into the silhouette. The German tank destroyer Grille also effectively deals damage. This TD gun has a high-precision gun with high armor penetration and one-time damage. Grille 15 should only be used at long range since the tank lacks any armor. Antipode Grille 15 Jg.Pz. E100. The TD has good armor and a powerful weapon with an average one-time damage of 1050 HP. The minus of the tank is in its dynamics, since the installation moves and turns very slowly.

Damage blocking. For Bloc's tanks, this task will be one of the easiest, since the VK 45.02 B, Maus, Pz. Kpfw 7, Type 4/5 Heavy have the largest armor in the game. It is worth noting the German tank Maus, which, after being improved in one of the updates, was fortified in weak zones. At the moment, this HT is hard enough to punch. The situation is similar with Japanese heavy tanks, but they have several weak zones in the front that can be penetrated. For a damage blocking challenge, Maus is the favorite. In almost every battle, he will perform his tasks.

Stunning. German SPG stand out for their accurate guns and high infliction of one-time damage. High tier artillery is even capable of holding back damage in some cases. The downside is its mobility. Often in battles, situations occur when players on German SPGs do not have time to get to the position. Huge dimensions reduce camouflage, so when enemy vehicles arrive, the artillery will always spotting.

Supporting. The German medium tank E50 M acts well as a support, which has good hull armor and a powerful gun with high armor penetration. Also, this tank can be used to ram enemy vehicles. The powerful engine helps to develop high speed, and the weight of 63 tons is accompanied by a lot of damage even to some heavy tanks. Grille 15 can also act as a support, since the tank destroyer has a swiveling turret and high dynamics. However, you should not fight on it in the first line. It is best to take long positions to deal damage without glare.

Destroying vehicles. The German tank destroyer will be the most effective tank in the Bloc, capable of destroying enemy vehicles with one shot. This also includes the versatile Grille TD. The tank is also capable of killing enemy vehicles due to its high armor penetration and one-time damage.

"Alliance" missions

Recommended vehicle: T57 Heavy, S. Conqueror, Tortoise, Badger, T110E3, M48F1 Patton, 60TP Lewandowskiego, Centurion AX, Sheridan, T49.

Spotting. Of the 3 nations of the Alliance, there is only one branch of US light tanks. These LT have all the qualities of a Light tank. It is worth noting the T49 Tier 9 tank, which has a powerful high-explosive fragmentation cannon. Since light vehicles have good dynamics, you can rush in and carousel enemy tanks on the T49. Shooting at the sides and stern, it has an increased chance of penetrating armor with an HE shell and causing maximum damage. Top LT Sheridan has large dimensions, so in disguise it loses to classmates, but an accurate weapon with a one-time damage of 390 HP allows you to provide effective fire support to allies.

Cause damage. All nations of the "Alliance" have comfortable weapons for inflicting damage. It is worth noting the T57 Heavy tank with a magazine loading system. Fast reload time in 20 second allows you to regularly inflict damage on an opponent. The American is most effective in dealing damage in the first minutes of the battle. The British S. Conqueror has a super accurate gun with a small one-time damage of 400 HP, but a 7 sec reload time makes it one of the most dangerous opponents. The Polish HT 60TP Lewandowskiego stands out for its powerful weapon with 750 single damage. The tank also has good turret armor. It is worth noting the TD of the USA and Great Britain. Badger and Tortoise have high DPM and good armor, but weak dynamics. American tank destroyers are also armored, but their guns are inferior in performance to the British.

Damage blocking. Strange as it may seem, but here the best blockers are possessed by tank destroyers of both nations. Heavy tanks are less armored, but more dynamic. It is worth noting the T110E3, which has a monolithic frontal part. Covering the lower frontal part, it becomes almost impenetrable. Similar gameplay on the British Badger.

Stunning. This part of the tasks is performed by SPG. The USA and Great Britain are armed with the most powerful SPG's, which inflict huge one-time damage. It is also worth noting their slight difference: American SPGs do damage with the largest radius, but the one-time damage is higher for the Conqueror GC.

Supporting. Medium tanks in the UK have a high DPM, an armored turret and good elevation angles. This allows you to play comfortably from the relief and embankment. After upgrading the American MT tier 10, it also has an armored turret and an accurate rapid-fire cannon. The American minus is only in dynamics. The US LT branch acts as a support. Light tanks have no armor, but they are very effective at ranges and in flank breakouts.

Destroying vehicles. The most effective tank destroyers. It is worth noting the British TD FV4005, which has the most powerful weapon in the game and is capable of inflicting 1400-1800 damage. damage per shot, which is acceptable for missions to destroy vehicles. American tank destroyers are capable of pushing through the flanks and destroying the enemy at close range. The destruction of equipment is also possible on the US and UK SPG's with their powerful weapons.

"Coalition" missions

Recommended vehicle: AMX 120, AMX 50B, AMX 30B, Bat.-Chatillon 25 t, Foch B, AMX M4 54, AMX 13 105, B-C 155 58, TVP T 50/51, Kranvagn, Strv 103B, Progetto 65.

Spotting. The only light tanks are in the French branch. They have a good viewing radius, dynamics and weapons. It is worth highlighting the gun of all LT France, which has a magazine reloading system. This is a good advantage as they are able to target the enemy, fire all the loaded shells and hide out of sight with good dynamics. Also, the French have a low body, in which you can passively spotting enemies to allies. Coalition medium tanks also have a good view range, which also have powerful weapons with a magazine reloading system.

Cause damage. For Coalition tanks, the task of inflicting damage will not be difficult, since they all have powerful weapons with a magazine reloading system. It is worth noting the AMX 50B tank, which is equipped with a powerful engine with a specific power of 19.17 hp / t and a maximum speed of 65 km / h. The only drawback is the lack of armor, so you need to play it carefully and not get into shootouts in the first line. The Swedish Kranvagn heavy tank also has a drum reload, but its main feature is a sturdy turret that can tilt by -12 degrees. The medium tanks TVP T 50/51, AMX 30B, Progetto 65 and Bat.-Chatillon 25 t are well armed. The AMX 30B does not have a magazine reloading system, however, a rapid-fire precision gun will be effective for dealing a lot of damage at both medium and long ranges.

Damage blocking. There are few tanks in the Coalition that can hold back the enemy with their armor. Only the French heavy tank AMX M4 54 can perform the blocked damage task. This tank has good frontal armor, however, a large commander's hatch is installed on the roof of the tower, which penetrates almost every vehicle, so opponents can easily target it at short distances. The Swedish Kranvagn can also contain damage, but only when taking a position where you can play from the tower.

Stunning. In the "Coalition" there is only one branch capable of stunning enemy tanks - these are French SPGs. The tanks are equipped with guns with low one-time damage, but the rate of fire and accuracy make them the best in the game. Tier 10 artillery also has a magazine loading system, which gives a greater effect when looping on one enemy.

Supporting. All medium and light tanks of this group act as support. Czechoslovakian MT have one of the best guns with a drum loading system. They also have good stabilization and fast reloading. The French Bat.-Chatillon 25 t has a powerful engine, which makes the tank an analogue of the LT. It is armed with a magazine-reloading gun capable of firing 5 rounds of 390 units at a time. damage. The disadvantages include low accuracy, long reloading and lack of booking. It is worth noting the Italian Progetto 65 with a shells reloading system, which will perform well as a support for allies, since it will always be able to inflict damage at long and medium distances. A French light tank, which is armed with 3 shells of 390 units each, can also act as a support. damage.

Destroying vehicles. Absolutely all "Coalition" vehicles are suitable for carrying out the tasks of destroying enemy tanks. Tanks with a magazine loading system are most effective because they can finish off an opponent using a large number of shells in the magazine. It is worth noting the French tank destroyer Foch B, which has a drum for 6 rounds of 400 units each. damage.
Tanks of 9-10 Tiers are mainly listed, since they can create the largest numbers in terms of damage, light, stun and other features. If the player does not have a lot of X tier in the hangar, then the tasks can be completed at 6-8 levels. But this is only possible in Operation Excalibur. The rest of the tasks require more skill from the players and are significantly more difficult in terms of damage and other criteria. Therefore, in order to pass all Personal missions 2.0, you will need to purchase at least part of the level 10 vehicles.

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