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Frontline 2021 in World of Tanks

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  • 26 July 2021
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Frontline WoT 2021

A revamped format of one of the most anticipated modes will return to the game soon, but now with 9 levels. The developers have made many changes to the main mechanics in the games and, in general, revised the concept of team confrontation. The developers have made many changes to the main mechanics in the games and, in general, revised the concept of team confrontation.

Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack and a complete guide to the Frontline in World of Tanks. In July and early August, a general test of patch 1.14 will be held, which will show the changed mode.

Frontline 2021 Schedule and Dates

The developers have already published the schedule for the release of the stages:

   The table will be updated after the announcement from the developers of the next stages. Bookmark this page to follow the release of FL.

What to do on the Frontline

The main aspects and meaning of this mode remained unchanged, so let's briefly recall the essence:
  • Battles take place in a 30 by 30 format on two large maps of Normandy and Kraftwerk;
  • To participate, a level 8 vehicle is required (premium / upgradeable / collectible / rental);
  • During the game, it will now be possible to switch to level 9 vehicles.
The tasks in the mode depend on which side you are playing on:
  • The attackers must break through the line of defense and destroy 3 of 5 large-caliber guns;
  • The defending side must accordingly not allow the enemy to reach the last line of defense and keep at least 3 out of 5 large-caliber guns intact.

Battle Pass Points for Fronltine

Just like in "Steel Hunter", playing this mode you can farm Battle Pass points at each stage of the FL. The amount of points received depends on the result of the battle and your place in the team:

Upon reaching each Frontline Tier (except for the first), you will also receive 20 Battle Pass Points, as well as a bonus reward of directives.

In total, you’ll earn 280 Battle Pass Points when you reach Frontline Tier 15.

Vehicles allowed in Frontline don’t have a Battle Pass Point Limit. You will receive Points in every Frontline vehicle in every battle, so long as the above conditions are met.

Combat reserves

This year, the developers added three new combat reserves to the FL, and changed some of the old ones. Now they are divided into three categories and you can no longer choose any - each skill is tied to a role-playing slot.

The procedure for opening reserves:


How to play Tier 9 tanks on the Frontline

The battle begins in a standard manner - everyone is on Tier 8 tanks. As soon as the attacking team is able to capture one of the points of the second line of defense (zones D, E and F). This is the starting point for transferring to level 9 vehicles (can be changed after the vehicle is destroyed).
By the way, the developers have reworked the mechanics of profitability, so the probability of negative consumption of silver at the 9th level is now much lower than in the random.
The hangar is now divided into two halves upon entering the mode: level 8 and 9 vehicles. So do not forget to check your equipment, ammunition and prepare your crews before going into battle.

Rental tanks

By default, all players will be given two Tier 9 tanks for free:
  • USA Medium tank - M46 Patton;
  • UK Heavy tank - Conqueror.
For rent for silver (stage 240,000), Tier 8 tanks:
  • USA Heavy tank - T32;
  • USSR Meadium tank - Т-44;
  • German Tank destroyer - Ferdinand.
For rent for silver (stage 320,000), level 9 equipment:
  •  Medium tank  E 50
  •  Medium tank  T-54  
  •  Heavy tank  AMX M4 mle. 51  
  •  Heavy tank  WZ-111 model 1-4  
  •   Tank destroyer  T30  
  •  Tank destroyer  Jagdtiger  
  •  Tank destroyer  Strv 103-0

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