How to Play Tank Destroyers: Tips and Tactics for World of Tanks Players
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How to play Tank Destroyers in WoT

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  • 25 July 2021
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Screenshot_5-2.jpgTank destroyers (TD) are one of the most dangerous opponents on the battlefields in World of Tanks. The main task of the tank destroyer is inflicting damage, which is facilitated by the large caliber of the gun with high one-time damage and excellent armor penetration. It is they who are called upon to stop the offensive of heavy tanks. Impressive firepower is combined with powerful frontal armor or high stealth, and some vehicles are completely versatile in this regard.

Specifications for Tank destroyers

To get acquainted with the class of anti-tank self-propelled guns, let's divide them conditionally into three groups:
  • Assault TD - combine high firepower and decent frontal armor: Jg.Pz. E 100, Obj. 268 4, T110E3, Badger;

The German branch with the Jagdpanzer E 100 is one of the most dangerous vehicles due to its high one-time damage and armor penetration. Due to the excellent armor, it is difficult to penetrate at a long distance, but it is easier to target vulnerable spots at close range. If the Jg.Pz. E 100 digs in, hiding the lower frontal part and leaving only the wheelhouse visible, then without the help of artillery it will be difficult to knock it out of its occupied position.

Soviet Object 268/4 represents an alternative branch of tank destroyers of the USSR with a rear-mounted gun and powerful frontal armor. At the same time, lower frontal part is one of the most protected areas.

The American T110E3 represents a branch that, starting from level 8, has one of the best frontal armor and is suitable for pushing through the direction or defending the base from superior enemy forces.

British assault Tank destroyers - Badger, have a high rate of fire, but a small alpha damage. Owners of the most armored corps, but with a vulnerable commander's cupola on the roof, which makes it difficult to attack if the enemy knows where to punch.
All assault tank destroyers have no turret, which complicates the game due to their sluggishness. Without proper rear cover, they can become easy prey for medium and light tanks, which will run into the stern or wipe against the hull
  • Ambush TD (bush) - ambush tactics are forced to resort to the lack of armor or excellent stealth.

German tank destroyers at levels 8 and 9 have a turret with 360 ° elevation angles and excellent camouflage. But at the 10th level, the elevation angles is only -50 ... + 50 ° and a very low masking coefficient as for cardboard equipment. The branch has excellent accuracy and fast convergence characteristic of German tanks.

FV4005 originates from unremarkable vehicles in terms of one-time damage, and at level 10 the true potential of the branch is revealed. Having loaded a special projectile (shells), this Tank destroyer can produce alpha-damage of 1,750 units of damage and send most of the nines to the hangar with one shot. When fired, it glows on the entire map, has large dimensions because of the tower, for which it was nicknamed the "birdhouse".
Due to the complete lack of armor, after a shot, you must immediately roll back into cover, because this vehicle becomes target number 1 when exposed to light. Swedish Tank destroyers have a unique gameplay with a hydropneumatic suspension, which is activated by a special key, switching the vehicle from traveling to siege mode. The second feature of this branch is the best camouflage among all "classmates". It is thanks to this that the Swedes make excellent ambush snipers.
  • Universal TD type - versatile vehicles that have enough firepower, mobility and decent frontal armor to play successfully at medium and close ranges.
French tank destroyers (Foch B) are the only ones who are closer to top-end vehicles to receive a autoloader with a drum magazine. This makes them the owners of a potential average damage per minute of about 3100 HP, which is one of the best stats at Tier 10.

An alternative branch of US anti-tank vehicles (T110e4) has an incomplete rotation tower at tier 8 and 10, and with a 360 ° elevation angles on all others. Compared to assault vehicles, this technique has a weaker elevation angles, longer gun convergence, but slightly better mobility.

Chinese vehicles (WZ-113G FT) are partially inferior to Soviet vehicles, but they have slightly more reliable armor of the front of the hull and a slightly larger margin of safety. Both branches can either support the offensive or hold positions while standing in the bushes.

Role of Tank destroyers

Actions in battle for different types of tank destroyers, of course, are not the same. It is worth understanding the purpose of assault and ambush vehicles in order to behave correctly on the battlefield.

So, assault vehicles should not be hiding in the bushes. Usually assault tankers move alongside heavy tanks. They go a little behind, creating an excellent airbag, because they shoot from close range even the frontal part of tanks above the level.

Ambush vehicles operate in a different tactics. On open maps, it is much easier to play with such machines, because they are fast and capable of shooting accurately from a long distance. Hiding behind cover and not giving themselves away, these vehicles can be excellent helpers for the team. However, sitting in one place for the whole game will not work, because it will simply be ineffective. You still have to move, but very carefully, carefully choosing the places of shelter.

Crew skills for Tank Destroyers

Most of the time they spend on the front line, being constantly in the light, but when pushing through the line, the Sixth Sense will help determine that your advance has not gone unnoticed by the enemy.

For all tank destroyers, the first skill is to study the commander's sixth sense in order to understand when it is necessary to roll for cover. This is especially important for bush, since they have practically no chance to fight back.

Combat brotherhood is learned at level 3 through a reset of skills, it is recommended for everyone.

The loader is trained in profile skills starting with the Safe Stowage.

Depending on the composition of the crew, perks are studied: Situational Awareness for the radio operator, and the Recon or Situational Awareness for the commander (if he has a specialization combined with the radio operator).
  • Bush TD: 
First of all, it is important to increase invisibility in order to stay out of the light for as long as possible. Disguise is a priority skill, it will not only increase survivability, but also help, being invisible to the eyes of the enemy, cause more damage.

The perks of the mechanic and gunner will make the gun more accurate by reducing the spread when studying a Snap Shot and Smooth Ride.
Due to the lack of armor, in the event of a track hit, it is better to use a repair kit, since even 4 seconds is enough for the enemy to destroy the immobilized vehicle.
  • Assault TD:
Taking into account the fact that this class of Tank destroyers has no turret and is extremely clumsy, and therefore vulnerable to attack from the flank or rear. Often a simple technique is used against such a technique: knock down a caterpillar and, having driven into the stern, prop it up. In order not to find yourself in such a hopeless situation, it is imperative to study the repair as the first skill.

Since most of the battle takes place at close range, instead of perks for increasing accuracy, you can improve the mobility and maneuverability of the vehicle. This will help the skills of the mechanic driver Clutch Braking and the Off-Road Driving. It is better for the gunner to study the Deadeye and the Armorer, because without piercing the frontal armor with conventional shells, opponents often load land mines and can damage the weapon.
If you feel a lack of precision, then, of course, you can improve it with the skills listed in the previous class.
  • Universal TD:
Here you will have to study both Repairs and Concealment. Better to start with increasing stealth. Then improve accuracy and mobility.

Selection equipment for Tank destroyers

The installation of additional modules for each machine requires an individual approach, depending on the above classification.

Assault Tank Destroyers:
  • Gun Rammer - will increase the average damage per minute by accelerating reloading by 10%, must be installed;
  • Enchanced Gun Laying Drive - large calibers often have a long mixing, and every second is on the front line;
  • Improved Ventilation - if the crew has trained the perks for review and Battle Brotherhood, then an increase of 5% to all tank crew skills is the best choice to increase the combat effectiveness of the vehicle.
As an alternative to the third module, you can increase the view by 10% with Coated Optics or increase the survivability of the Spall Liner to reduce the damage from artillery.

Bush Tank destroyers:
  • Gun Rammer - we increase the average damage per minute by accelerating reloading by 10%, must be installed;
  • Binocular Telescope - most of the time passes in anticipation of the appearance of the enemy, so an increase in vision by 25% in a stationary state is the best choice.
The choice of equipment in the third slot depends on the characteristics of the car and the individual preferences of the player:
  • Camouflage net - will help you stay unnoticed for longer while standing motionless in ambush;
  • Enchanced Gun Laying Drive- for more targeted sniper shooting;
  • Improved Ventilation  - if the crew has trained the perks for review and Battle Brotherhood, then an increase of 5% to all tank crew skills is the best choice to increase the combat effectiveness of the vehicle;
Universal Tank destroyers: 

Any of the above options is suitable for a versatile tank destroyer, and depending on the vehicle, you can combine assembly options.
It is impossible to mount a gun rammer on French tank destroyers with a magazine system for loading shells.

Combat with Tank destroyers

The gameplay on TD, as follows from the previous paragraphs, depends on the style characteristic of the vehicle. Based on this, let's analyze the tactics on the battlefield:
  • Assault tank destroyers push the direction along with heavy tanks;

They pay for powerful frontal booking with poor maneuverability and low top speed. Therefore, the choice of direction must be approached carefully, because often it will not be possible to change the flank.


Despite the thickness of the armor at the front, you should not consider yourself invulnerable. Each car has weakly defended areas that experienced players are aware of. In addition, everyone can load a gold shell with higher armor penetration. Therefore, it is necessary to take a position so as to hide the vulnerable zones behind the relief.


Regardless of whether you are holding your own positions or pushing enemy ones, you should always remember about artillery. SPGs often focus on bulky and unwieldy targets, which greatly complicates the gameplay.
  • Ambush. At first glance, the gameplay may seem pretty simple: take a position in the bushes, wait and shoot.

Of course, sometimes it is lucky that an open card falls out, and opponents are thoughtlessly substituted for the shots. But more often you still have to try to shoot the damage and not lose the tank.


At the first stage of the battle, you need to try to work out the spotlight of an allied Light tank.


Unlike assault vehicles, Ambush TD will not be able to hold the flank alone for a long time, so it is better to move with the main forces of the team, which is facilitated by good dynamics.

It is best to shoot hiding behind a double bush, then it is more likely to go unnoticed. On vehicles with a low coefficient of invisibility after a shot (Grille or FV4005), it is recommended not to wait for the “sixth sense” skill to trigger, but to immediately roll into cover after firing.


If the enemies revealed your position, then it is quite possible that the art has also been reduced there and is just waiting for your highlight, so do not be lazy to change your position.

At the same time, it is important to be useful to the team on ambush Tank destroyers throughout the battle, but only to stand in the bushes waiting for the enemy. You need to wisely navigate the map, supporting the allies' offensive.

Brief summary

Playing TD is not at all an easy walk with a lot of damage. The gameplay of this class requires:
  • Constant attentiveness so as not to miss the enemy;
  • Slowness in order to correctly calculate the trajectory of the projectile to hit at a great distance on a moving tank;
  • Know the vulnerabilities of enemy assault Tank destroyers and HT's.
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