TOP 10 Heavy tanks to improve statistics in WoT | Guides
TOP 10 Heavy tanks to improve statistics in WoT | Guides  TOP 10 Heavy tanks to improve statistics in WoT | Guides 

TOP 10 Heavy tanks to improve statistics in WoT

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  • 23 August 2021
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WN8 stats can be raised on heavy tanks if you like this class. It remains an open question, and what technique is best to choose to implement this idea. TOP 10 HT collected from different nations and levels will help you understand all the nuances in more detail.

Any player can boost WN8 rating if they choose the right technique and know certain nuances.


Choosing the Right Heavy Tank to Boost Your WN8 in World of Tanks

Welcome, tankers! With you boost-hub and review TOP 10 best HT's to raise WN8 in World of Tanks. It is quite important to focus on the average damage per minute when choosing a combat vehicle. But to raise the "stats" on the equipment, you will need to know the features of a certain heavy tank. After getting acquainted with each combat vehicle in more detail, you can choose the most suitable option, taking into account your own game style and gameplay that is close to your liking.


Tanks for GC were not included in the list, as they are not available to everyone, and those who were able to get them on their own-and so they know perfectly well what to increase the stat on.

M103 Heavy tank

HT USA level 9 was recently upgraded and now it is much more pleasant to play on it, and as the process progresses, you will be able to significantly raise WN8 in a short period of time. During the battle, it is very important to be completely reduced, since the spread over 100 meters is quite large, the top gun has indicators of 0.37, and the stock ones are 0.4 at all. To constantly deal damage that will affect the growth of statistics, you need to be patient.


At every opportunity, you should use the improved booking of the tower and tank it, and the innovations should also include a reduction in the reloading of the gun,which affected the dynamics of firing.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1526 units
  • detected enemy equipment 1.06
  • destroyed tanks 0.84
  • wins 50.45%

E75 Heavy tank

The German HT level 9 has also changed somewhat and has become better, the list of changes includes one-time damage from shells, in all guns it has increased by 40 units. Since it is from the damage being filled that it is easier to raise the "stats" in the first place, then such a moment should not be overlooked and used.


The safety margin has also been upgraded, with a category "B" tower it now stands at 1,950 units. The dynamics were affected by changes in the speed of the chassis, they were reduced, this is due to the strengthening of the frontal projection of the tower, which has become stronger.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1550 units
  • enemy technique detected 0.97
  • destroyed tanks 0.87
  • wins 51.46

AMX 50 120 Heavy tank

The French HT of the 9th level has a loading drum, which makes the task of shooting damage to raise statistics simplified. Do not forget a

Do not forget about the "cardboard" of this combat vehicle, only a careful and deliberate game will lead to success, otherwise the" drain " at the beginning of the battle and the hangar, and as a result, a drop in performance.

Even when shooting from a stock gun, you can get 1440 damage in 6 shots, but you need to play on the "gold", because it has a higher penetration, which is 259 mm. At the very beginning of the battle, you should not behave aggressively, you need to try to implement a good weapon as much as possible, any land mine can be very upsetting if you approach poorly armored vehicles incorrectly.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1585 units
  • detected enemy technique 0.85
  • destroyed tanks 0.95
  • wins 50.30%

T-10 Heavy tank

The well-known HT of the 9th level of the USSR can also bring you closer to the coveted increase in "stats", but the tank does not have good armor in the body, only the tower is perfectly protected. We will correct this nuance, namely with a wonderful weapon, with a one-time damage ranging from 390 to 440.


The 122 mm BL-9 cannon will be the second on the list, only starting from it you can feel the comfort of "gold" shells and surprise your opponent with power. The stock gun is not quite usable due to the low armor penetration of 175/217/61.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1526 units
  • detected enemy technique 1.14
  • destroyed tanks 0.85
  • wins 50.45%

T26E5 Heavy tank

HT of the 8th level of the USA is a premium tank, but it's no secret that you can get it for free using a special referral program. What interested gamers did, not everyone will like playing from a small "alpha", so some tankers abandoned this combat vehicle to gather dust in the hangar.


Riding on this tank can significantly raise statistics, making a minimum of effort, in "direct" hands, it is able not only to carry out its plans, but also to feed silver, free experience, and pump up the crew.

The battle machine is playable, this is proved by the calculations of the battles conducted on it, which in September 2020 alone amounted to 1,321,487, which is higher than the average.
To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1217 units
  • detected enemy equipment 1.23
  • destroyed tanks 0.79
  • wins 52.71%
This is a good option to combine crew leveling and farming with raising statistics.

IS Heavy tank

Soviet HT level 7 is very popular with inexperienced tankers who have just begun to learn the subtleties of the game. That is why the threshold for a set of desired statistics is lowered as much as possible. Buying this tank will cost only 1,424,000 silver, and looking at the research tree, for sure, every gamer with experience will find that the combat vehicle has already been upgraded for a long time, it only needs to be purchased.


Getting to the TOP, you will notice how comfortable it is to shoot on this technique, so you should position yourself in battle as a support tank. For such a role, a 100 mm gun is perfect, which has better accuracy, rate of fire and armor penetration "gold" than the rest.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1032 units
  • detected enemy equipment 1.00
  • destroyed tanks 0.97
  • wins 53.41%

T-29 Heavy tank

HT USA among its level can be safely called the most "imbalance", with one small clarification. Shoot the necessary amount of damage to raise the "stat" will be obtained by learning the strengths of the technique, and these are the angles of vertical aiming and excellent booking of the tower.


When playing on a heavy tank, you should always remember these nuances, as upper frontal part and lower frontal part are sewn just fine, do not expect ricochets. One-time damage can reach 320 units, which is very good at 7th level.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1134 units
  • detected enemy equipment 1.06
  • destroyed tanks 0.99
  • wins 53.98%

KV-2 Heavy tank

Unlike experienced tankers, who consider this combat vehicle only for the sake of "fun", beginners seriously consider high-explosive shells as productive as possible for a set of large damage numbers. It is precisely because of this nuance that the threshold for increasing statistical indicators has been reduced. If you choose the right equipment and equipment on this tank, you can significantly cause damage, in order to feel comfortable , you should constantly be reduced to the end, if possible, give preference to shooting at "cardboard equipment".

It will not be superfluous to pay attention, first of all, to weakly protected areas of tanks.

Do not forget about the level of equipment, you can play on 6-kah not only fun, but also productive for the "stats".

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 820 units
  • enemy technique detected 0.69
  • destroyed tanks 1.04
  • wins 53.46%

KV-1 Heavy tank

HT USSR quite often gets to the TOP, where its armor seems really powerful, which is why the overall performance for each battle will have a positive effect on statistics.


But the tank must be upgraded to the maximum configuration, otherwise the gameplay will seem unbearably boring. It is better to do this for free experience, so as not to risk the "stat" by entering the battle with a stock one.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 626 units
  • enemy technique detected 0.84
  • destroyed tanks 1.15
  • victory 55.00%

CHRYSLER Heavy tank

HT USA will be able to buy for bonds, you do not need to save a lot, you will need to collect only 8000 special bills. It is worth noting right away that it is extremely uncomfortable to play on basic shells, because the 8th levels do not always fall into the TOP, sometimes you have to fight with opponents whose technique is one level higher. But "gold" is capable of many things, its indicators look like this: 260mm penetration.


After playing a few battles on a combat vehicle, you can feel its power, the booking is quite good, and the average damage per minute without leveling is 1910. It will be very easy to shoot the required number of units to increase statistics, the only nuance for beginners will be the rear location of the tower, but all the awkwardness will pass over time.

To grow WN8, you need to keep the stat higher:
  • damage 1293 units
  • detected enemy equipment 1.23
  • destroyed tanks 0.78
  • victory 52.54%


To achieve the improvement of "stats" to green or purple in "WN8", you will need to think carefully about the choice of equipment. Each of the presented tanks is able to perform the planned, but do not forget about the features of combat vehicles. It is equally important that the gameplay brings positive emotions, and does not turn into a routine. Before making a final choice, you need to think carefully and determine the most favorite style of combat for yourself.

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