M60 in World of Tanks: Stats, Gameplay, and Strategy

M60 - USA reward tank

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  • 27 November 2021
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M60 Tank in World of Tanks: Characteristics and Strategy

In fact, the M60 in World of Tanks is an analogue of the M48A5 Patton, a level 10 medium tank under study, which appeared in our game for quite a long time and in the course of the article we will periodically compare these brothers in the nation. And now let's start getting to know our guest today better.


Characteristics M60

The American M60 tank is unique, which means that you can transfer the crew from any American medium tank to it without penalty and have additional experience for the crew at the end of any battle, in general, everything is like premium equipment, only without additional farm credits.

Looking at the M60 in WoT, you can easily see the good old Patton, the visual differences are that the M60 has a spotlight on the tower and a slightly modified body shape. We hope that in the future it will replace the tower and we will already have the M60A1 in the game. Differences in performance characteristics are also few and they can not make the M60 a new tank, and only make an improved analog, but about everything in order.


Firepower M60

So, the M60 gun has a good and at the same time standard by the standards of most classmates alpha strike, as well as a good rate of fire, thanks to which you can deal almost 2700 units of net damage per minute (about 150 lower than the M48A1 Patton).

With penetration in our case, the situation is very good, M60 World of Tanks is able to easily break through most opponents, but in order to deal damage to heavily armored vehicles in the forehead, you will either have to charge gold, or just drive into the opponent's side, which is more than realistic with our mobility.

Accuracy in our case has become more comfortable than that of a relative, and this is very pleasant. As you can see, the spread of the American M60 medium tank is not bad, although not the best, but the speed of information in our case is excellent, and the stabilization at altitude.

The last thing you should know is that the M60 WoT has comfortable vertical aiming angles, its barrel bends down 9 degrees and this is also very pleasant.


Survivability M60

Regarding the booking parameters, everything is not bad, but you can't call this car really strong. Let's start with the fact that the M60's forehead booking characteristics are worse than those of its pumped counterpart. In other words, the Upper Frontal Part in reduced armor reaches about 230 millimeters, which is not so bad, but the technique of the tenth level breaks through without any problems.

Tower at M60 in World of Tanks armored is better, but this is only if you look at the bare numbers. Despite the fact that this element of the tank has a rounded shape, the armor slopes are still smaller here, and in the forehead most of the tower is also about 230 mm thick, but in the most sloping places this value increases to about 300 millimeters, that is, ricochets are possible. However, here we still need to remember about the huge and very vulnerable commander's turret, into which we will be punched without problems.

If you pay attention to the side projection, as it should be, there is a medium tank M60 protected much worse. Driving into our side, any enemy encountered on the battlefield will easily cause damage, and even if the hull is rotated, the top guns will be able to penetrate us.

From the point of view of mobility, everything is also worthy of respect. The WoT tank received a weak maximum speed of the M60, but in dynamics we are not inferior even to the Soviet MT-10, and with maneuverability in our case, things are no worse.


Mobility and spotting M60

Mobility: the tank goes fast (60 km/h), gaining speed is also not bad. In general, here, as with the gun, there are no complaints and there can be no complaints.


Another obvious plus of the American: a review. The base 420 m (more than many LT-10) is accelerated by optics by 500 m. That is, we both shine and shoot at our light at the same time.


Equipment selection M60

Slot Machine Equipment Features
1 Gun Rammer
Despite the fact that our damage per minute is already good, there is never too much of it, so the choice is obvious.
2 Vertical Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer.png
With the help of this module, we will get even more comfortable accuracy and the ability to deal damage many times more comfortably.
3 Improved Ventilation
We have the best overview in the game and this module is enough to bring it out, and even get a good increase to other tank parameters.

Training your crew is also worth paying attention to, because even the outcome of the game may depend on the sequence of your actions. So, we suggest the following:

Role 1 2 3 4 5
shestoe_chuvstvo.png remont.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png
remont.png plavnyy_povorot_bashni.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png FireFightingico.png
DRIVER remont.png plavnyy_hod.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png FireFightingico.png
LOADER remont.png radioperehvat.png
boevoe_bratstvo.png maskirovka.png FireFightingico.png

Consumables Selection M60

Slot Machine Consumables Features
1 Large repair kit
Action: Repair of all damaged modules. +10% to the speed of module repair (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not)
Preparation time: 90 seconds. It is debited after the battle, if it was used at least once.
Cost: 20 000.
2 Large first aid kit
Action: Treats all wounded tankers. -5% of the stun time and +15% to protect the crew from injuries (the bonus is valid for the entire battle, regardless of whether the consumable was used or not). It can be used repeatedly.
Preparation time: 90 seconds. It is debited after the battle, if it was used at least once.
Cost: 20 000.

3 Case of Cola
Action: +10% to all skills of the entire crew until the end of the battle. Fully expended in one battle. For each battle, you need to buy a new one.
Cost: 20 000.


Now the M48A5 Patton III and M60 are different from each other. If the pumped American has armor and DPM, then the tank for the Global map in World of Tanks has better dynamics and accuracy. The only thing that some people are similar to is their appearance. Therefore, the M60, as a prize for an event on the GC, has become relevant again.

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