How to boost MMR in Dota 2 solo or improve the game?
How to boost MMR in Dota 2 solo or improve the game  How to boost MMR in Dota 2 solo or improve the game 

How to boost MMR in Dota 2 solo or improve the game

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  • 17 October 2021
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Dota 2 Ranking system



Life after MMR calibration

Now you know your rating. With a probability close to 100%, I can say that you want to raise it. Raising MMR from 1000 and from 3500 are different things! The selection of heroes, the level of play of opponents and the cost of a mistake will vary significantly.

Your MMR 0-1000 - Guardian with one star

Symptoms. This MMR is usually obtained by people who are superficial about the game. They do not know the rules, the roles of the heroes, they run all over the map and press all the buttons. And most importantly, heroes are randomly selected! For such people, it is as easy as shelling pears to leave the game. Most likely, you didn't even know what MMR was until they started laughing at you in the public games.

Who? First of all, these are children under 10-12 years old. Also people who play little computer games or who find it difficult to press many buttons. Are you sure you need it? Maybe you'd better continue playing solitaire and looking for items?

Diagnosis and Treatment. I hope you have already learned the rules, do you know what creep, rune or Roshan are? If the answer is yes and you are determined to boost your MMR, here are some tips:
  • Choose a couple of heroes from this article. You will play only with these two or three heroes and only with bots, until you consistently beat complex bots. You must get to know and understand these heroes one hundred percent!
  • When playing for rating, act as if only you can win the game.
  • Get involved in fights only if you are one hundred percent sure of a positive outcome and generally try to die less. Try not to merge streaks.
  • If you can quickly finish the game, finish it. Even if you don't have very good KDA. Also, do not forget about the enemy towers and the fact that they must be destroyed! This is especially true if you are losing.
  • See explanatory guides, not just games!

Your MMR 1000-2500 - Crusader with five stars

Symptoms. Most likely you know the rules of the game and what the roles of heroes are. You know what to stop, last hit, denying creeps, but you don't know how to do it well. You forget to look at the mini-map, buy and use teleports, get confused about the skill and item buttons. You cannot soberly assess the situation in the fight, which leads to frequent deaths. Also, one of the symptoms may be the wrong choice of the hero and overestimation of strength.

Who? There are two options:
  • You are very fond of computer games and you have many shortcuts on your desktop. Now you really want to learn how to play Dota 2, and tomorrow, uninstall the game and install World of Tanks or Lineage 2. It's the same with choosing a hero. You like at least a third of the heroes, and you need to choose a maximum of ten! Sadness.
  • You like Dota 2, but there is a sorely lack of time either for playing or watching tutorials. Work, study or personal life, one computer for two - the reasons may be different.
Diagnosis and Treatment. The answers were in the questions themselves. Learn to last hit, stop and denial creeps. With practice, you will stop messing with buttons. You will start looking at the mini-map, use TP when you get used to it and learn how to play well for the hero. Now let's look at the types of players:
  • Decide for yourself, is it really that important to you? If the answer is yes, then delete all other games from your computer right now! Now write down a list of heroes that you really like. Eliminate all difficult heroes from him such as Tinker, Invoker, Visage. Next, cross out all heroes with poor statistics (KDA and win percentage), you can see it on the dotabuff. Choose five, maximum ten heroes. If you can't, then let random decide for you. Don't change heroes!
  • With the second type, everything is much simpler. Choose two characters for yourself, one will be the main one, and the second, in case your base has been banned, or already taken. Play with these heroes only.

Your MMR 2500-3500 - Legend with one star

Symptoms. Many boosters and just good players speak well of you! On this rating, there is still not enough CDA - the players listen to adequate advice. You know the theory well, it just doesn't always work out to realize what you have conceived. Naturally, for some players beyond 3k MMR, unfounded confidence begins to cut through.

Who? Computer games are your hobby. It was not difficult for the Dota world to become "ours". You could probably achieve more if you weren't so lazy. I think at least 80% of players in this category still haven't learned how to last hit well.

Diagnosis and Treatment. All the tips that were given above remain relevant for you! This is the level of the game that cannot be overcome without basic knowledge and skills. Each mistake becomes more significant. If you have played very popular and simple heroes, then it might be worth changing heroes to meta heroes. At this point, I would swap Legionka for Baratrum or Abaddon. Many people like Legion Commander, but on your MMR, almost everyone knows how to counter it. In addition, it is worth losing a couple of duels at the very beginning and your game is over. The higher the MMR, the lower the winrate of the Legionka. In any case, be honest with yourself - you yourself know what you are missing.

Your MMR is 3500-4500 - Ancient with two stars

Symptoms. You play better than most players, and that's good! CDA is already making itself felt, and the laurels of boosters and cybersportsmen are haunted. You begin to understand that if you strain a little more, then certain opportunities will appear. This category of players is the most irritable, and any mistake made by teammates is maddening.

Who? You are obviously very fond of Dota, but there is such a saying: "From love to hate, one step." You want to break the monitor, or at least the mouse. Dota has become a very important part of your life for you and you have very high hopes for this game.

Diagnosis and Treatment. Do you still have problems hitting creeps? Now you are finishing the article and running to train last hits! How about counter picks? Do you know who you shouldn't take your heroes against? And who is it worth? Are you yielding to mid to an arrogant teammate? Or, shouting "mid or feed", go to the center of the double? If you want to further raise your MMR, then there should be no such problems. If this is the order, then you can start training more difficult heroes, because they are most often more effective in capable hands. However, before playing such heroes for the rating, try yourself in a pub. Although I think you have been playing Mipo or Rubik for a long time. Maybe it’s because of them you don’t have 5k mmr yet?


I hope the guide was useful for you and you learned what you need to do in order to boost the MMR. I could tell a lot more on this topic, but the article would turn out to be just huge. Boost your MMR and develop as a player - Dota 2 is worth your time!


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