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  • 10 October 2021
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Dota 2 plus

Hello dear readers. If you play Dota 2, then you've probably heard such a thing as Dota Plus. Well, if not, then in today's article we will tell you what it is, what it is for and how much it costs.


What is Dota 2 plus

So, if you are not already in the know, then Dota Plus is something like Dota 2, only of a premium class. By subscribing to a paid Dota Plus subscription, you get a lot of additional features. These include additional phrases in the chat wheel, hero progress, additional statistics, and access to some rare skins. It is noteworthy that you will also receive more interesting items from compendium.
As for the cost of Dota Plus, you can subscribe for 1 month, for half a year and for a year. It is noteworthy that depending on the length of the term, you will receive a certain discount.
  • So, for example, by subscribing for 1 month, you will have to pay $ 3.99. You will not get a discount at all;
  • By subscribing for 6 months, you will receive a 7% discount and you will have to pay $ 22.99;
  • By subscribing for a year, you will receive a 12% discount and will have to pay $ 41.99.

What does Dota 2 Plus give

Hero progression

Valve decided to diversify Dota 2 a bit and added challenges to the game that are unique to each hero. At the same time, 3 challenges will be available to you, upon completion of which you will receive a reward in the form of experience points. The list of tests is updated every 2 weeks.

Hero level

Over time, the experience gained will be reflected in the level and rank of your Dota Plus. For winning a match, you will receive 50 experience points for the hero you played as. It is noteworthy that this does not work in the Ability Draft and All Random Deathmatch modes, and in Turbo you will get exactly 2 times less experience.
Over time, the levels will unlock the ranks. And each new rank will bring niceties to your collection, such as voice chat phrases, loading screens, landscapes, and more.
In parallel with this, you will farm shards, for which you can also buy cosmetic items and buns. It is noteworthy that the game has exclusive items available only to Dota Plus subscribers.

Nice bonuses from Dota Plus

These include blocking players with whom you no longer want to get caught in games. This is one of the coolest solutions from Valve. We all know about the indescribable toxicity of doters, and this innovation is great for this game.
Also, with the Dota Plus pass, you can take part in the Battle Cup, a victory in which will bring you 20,000 shards.
This also includes an assistant who will tell you how best to do this or that action in the game. For example, when you need to stack creeps in the forest, or tips for setting up wards, strategies, tips on items, etc.

Observing and statistics

You will be able to watch a friend's game in real time, but only an overview of his team. That is, it will not work to abuse a chip by spying on ganks or wards.
As for statistics, you get about the same thing that Dotabuff offers you, but only directly in the game.

Should you buy Dota Plus?

To be honest, this is everyone's business. And everyone's business is how to perceive this subscription. On the one hand, Dota Plus really offers useful and cool things like voice messages, landscapes or advice. On the other hand, this is another pumping out of money from Valve, which, instead of improving the game and attracting new players, are trying to squeeze the maximum out of those who play Dota 2.
As for whether it will be possible to recoup the money spent - definitely yes, but for this you will have to spend 24 hours in the game. At the same time, it is not easy to play, but to win. This is why the reaction to Dota Plus is mixed. After all, what is the cunning Gabe doing? He attracts new players with a thirst for free items, through farming shards and victories. Those. players spend more time in the game, and Dota lives on. But in fact, not everyone is able to win so much, so someone must definitely go into the negative. It doesn't work any other way.
This is the story, dear readers. As you can see, we are frank and honest with you. Write in the comments how you feel about Dota Plus.

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