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  • 10 October 2021
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Cheats in Dota 2: How to use it

Good day, dear readers. Today we want to tell you about one of the legal Dota 2 cheats called Overwolf. I must say that at high ratings, this program is used by almost all players, starting, probably, with 8K mmr. In today's article, we will tell you what this program is, how to use it and how to configure it.

And everything is quite simple. The fact is that the program works like the well-known DotaBuff site. Inexperienced users will ask, so what is it that Overwolf will show you the statistics of other players. But in fact, this can provide a huge advantage that opponents do not have if the information is used correctly.

The fact is that a lot of spammers of one hero play at high ratings. For example, spammers Meepo, Broodmother and similar evil spirits. 

Thus, you enter the game and see that similar players are playing against you. In the example above, you can see that the spammer Kunka and Earthspirit was caught against us. Basically, the program advises you which bans to make based on your enemies' frequent picks.

In addition, Overwolf also shows you the players' Smurf accounts. Those. the program analyzes the player's behavior in games and his detailed statistics and draws an appropriate conclusion, which it informs you about. For example, a person played with a win rate of about 50%, and then suddenly began to play with a win rate of about 90%. It is clear that either he significantly increased his skill within a couple of days, or another person simply plays instead of him, which is more likely.

And this is also actually an abusive thing, because you can see which of the enemy players should be feared the most. For example, you can see that the enemy mid is a booster. You tell your teammates about this and just start to “press” him with a crowd from the first minute, and first you ban his favorite heroes.

If you want to raise your MMR, if you are good at analyzing and using the information received, this will become a formidable weapon and advantage against your opponents. But do not forget that this is a third-party program, at the moment VALVE does not consider it a cheat, but who knows what will happen in a week? If you do not want to take risks, then there are safer ways to boost your MMR, for example, order a boosting on a verified website - :)


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