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What are World of Warships Ranked Battles and how do they work?

World of Warships Ranked Battles is a game mode where players compete in 7 vs 7 battles to climb the ranks and earn rewards. The mode is typically available for a limited time during each season and requires players to have reached a certain level of experience in the game to participate. As players win battles, they earn points which allow them to climb up the ranks, with the highest rank being Rank 1.

Update 0.9.12 is going to see large-scale changes to the Ranked Battles system. Key features of the new system:

  • Ranked Battles seasons are now going to be held on a regular basis with short breaks between each one. This will mean that you will always be able to choose between Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles in the Port screen, as the latter battle type will be more regularly available.
  • The higher the league, the better the rewards. You can progress through the Bronze League at a smooth and leisurely pace. The Silver League will require more effort, but offers bigger rewards. Seasoned sea wolves will be able to collect the most impressive haul of rewards in the Gold League.
  • Demonstrate your skills in the qualification, during which you'll fight against players from the next league to determine whether you'll progress to the next league or stay in your current one. Please note: if you qualify for the next league, you won't be able return to the previous one until the end of the season.
  • Rewards are granted for achieving victories, reaching Rank 1 in a league, and qualifying for a new league.
  • Ranked Battles aren't available at night. This is necessary to ensure high-quality matchmaking.

What do you get in the World of Warships buy Ranked Battles?

You are given a choice to order:
  • Bronze League (passing 7 ranks);
  • Silver League (passing 7 ranks);
  • Gold League (passing 10 ranks).
If you choose one of these options, passing the Qualification before the League is not included in the price.

Qualification passing for Ranked Battles:
  • For the Silver League (the price includes the fulfillment of the qualification requirement to get from the Bronze League to the Silver League, where you must win 4 times in the Silver League);
  • For the Gold League (the price includes the fulfillment of the qualification requirement to get from the Silver to the Gold League, where you must win 5 times in the Gold League).
Special offer:
  • Completion of all leagues (the cost of the service includes the passage of the Bronze, Silver and Gold leagues, and also includes the passage of Qualifying Battles for the specified Leagues).
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What are the rewards for participating in Ranked Battles in World of Warships?

We will help you get through ranked battles and get great rewards that include:
  • Steel that can be used to purchase unique premium ships or unique premium ships (for example, Unique USA premium destroyer Black of 9 tier), available only for steel;
  • Many military, economic and unique flags;
  • Premium camouflage with bonuses to boost;
  • Many other gaming values (doubloons, signals, unique modernizations and others).
All additional items and bonuses in World of Warships Ranked boost you get free.

How to place an order?

  • Select the League you want to be in. For example, if it is enough for you to get into the Bronze League, then choose it, if you want to get into the Gold League, then you should choose the passage of the Bronze, Silver and Gold League.
  • Add the product to your cart;
  • Fill in the required fields for the order;
  • Pay for the order in your personal account;
  • And our specialist will begin the Ranked Season in the near future.

What are the requirements for participating in World of Warships Ranked Battles?

To participate in World of Warships Ranked Battles, players typically need to have reached a certain level of experience in the game and have unlocked certain ships. Additionally, players must be playing in the appropriate season when the Ranked Battles game mode is available.

How does matchmaking work in World of Warships Ranked Battles?

Matchmaking in World of Warships Ranked Battles is based on players' ranks, with players being matched against others of a similar rank. As players progress up the ranks, they will face tougher opponents with more experience and better equipment. Additionally, the game tries to ensure that each team has a balanced mix of ship types to make battles more strategic and interesting.
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it was great the first time, its definitely is the second time. 10/10 no regrets

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Incredible service!  Better than I expected.  I will definably be back for more boosting.

Level 4 аватарка

Amazing service! Replays and screenshots were provided and it's so quick and reliable! Great players too :)

Frequent questions
First step, choose one of our services: grind credits, ranked battles, grind experience or stats rising. The next step, you pay for the order in a way convenient for you. Our professional players will start your order in 30-120 min. If you need, you can ask about daily screenshots of your order progress. As soon as the order is completed, we will notify you of this.
The lead time depends on the volume of the order. We can grind experience up to 150,000 and grind silver up to 10,000,000 per day. Also, speed of the order depends on the desired statistics, the required captain level, tier and class of ship.
It's impossible. But you should not neglect the security of your world of warships account yourself, you can attach a phone number to your account, then no one can steal your account.
We do not research unnecessary modules. But you can indicate in the additional information for the order that you need all the modules and we will research them, then you will receive an elite ship and you will be able to accumulate a convertible experience on it and convert it into free experience.
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