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What is Experience Farm in WoWs?

In World of Warships experience (XP) is the game currency that players can get in special missions and battles. In WoWs, the calculation of experience after the battle is based on a number of bonus multipliers that are related to your combat effectiveness.

Therea reseveral types of experience:

  • Ship Experience, which is basic;
  • Elite Experience, that appears after researching all the modules of the ship and unlocking all subsequent ships of the level;
  • Base Experience that is obtained from the combat characteristics of the ship;
  • Free Experience, that appears upon reaching level 6 and can be obtained in battle in the amount of 5% of the total experience of the ship and during the convention of the Elite experience;
  • Commander Experience, which gets the commander of the ship during the battles
  • Elite Commander Experience, which is obtained by captains with 19 skill points.

With such a variety of types of experience, all players are wondering how to earn it. There are also several options for this:

  • Inflict serious damage to the enemy. If you want to earn experience, then go out into battle on dangerous ships. The size of the reward directly depends on the scale of the damage done. It is important to remember that this is a serious enemy, therefore act and take risks carefully.
  • Destroy enemy ships. You can find already wrecked ships and finish them off. Only after the damage of the enemy reaches 100%, you can get a reward.
  • Destroy enemy aircraft. In this case, the plus is that the same reward is given for any aircraft shot down, and minus - only the aircraft shot down in the air is counted.
  • Capture and protect important control points. Here you need to use all your knowledge to defeat the enemy and protect yourself, as well as receive a worthy reward for this.
Despite this diversity, even a novice knows that farm experience is time consuming. Especially if the team has weak players, you do not have enough experience to win the battle. We offer you problem solving in World of Warships - Experience boosting.

What do you get in the World of Warships buy experience?

When you will buy for the World of Warships XP ​​boost from us, you will also receive:
  • Improving the skills of captains;
  • Accomplishment of some missions;
  • Increase account statistics;
  • Bonus Free XP and Credits;
  • Farm credits;
  • Containers and epic achievements.
It is important that in addition to signals, camouflage, consumables and much more, after acquiring for WoWs XP boost, you can enjoy the game without thinking about how to get more experience.

Additional options to order

Have you ever had a situation where you played in order to open a new ship as soon as possible? Or maybe you were one step away from your cherished dream to master one of the best ships, but you did not have enough experience? We know many similar cases in players. So for you, we have a great addition to the boost experience in World of Warships - Fast leveling! With this option you will pay a little more expensive - 25%, but your order will be executed 40% faster!
We guarantee you excellent statistics, the percentage of victories is not lower than 60% and the average experience is not lower than 2300 for ships of the 10th level.

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Level 2 аватарка

it was great the first time, its definitely is the second time. 10/10 no regrets

Level 4 аватарка
Matthew C

Incredible service!  Better than I expected.  I will definably be back for more boosting.

Level 4 аватарка

Amazing service! Replays and screenshots were provided and it's so quick and reliable! Great players too :)

Frequent questions
First step, choose one of our services: grind credits, ranked battles, grind experience or stats rising. The next step, you pay for the order in a way convenient for you. Our professional players will start your order in 30-120 min. If you need, you can ask about daily screenshots of your order progress. As soon as the order is completed, we will notify you of this.
The lead time depends on the volume of the order. We can grind experience up to 150,000 and grind silver up to 10,000,000 per day. Also, speed of the order depends on the desired statistics, the required captain level, tier and class of ship.
It's impossible. But you should not neglect the security of your world of warships account yourself, you can attach a phone number to your account, then no one can steal your account.
We do not research unnecessary modules. But you can indicate in the additional information for the order that you need all the modules and we will research them, then you will receive an elite ship and you will be able to accumulate a convertible experience on it and convert it into free experience.
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