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Powerleveling in Path of Exile

  • The "real" game in Path of Exile starts from ~ 68th level, when you already have the necessary equipment and the main talents necessary for the build have been boosted. What to do next? After you have completed all the story quests, you will have access to maps, special locations on which contain stronger monsters and equipment of a higher level compared to the "story" part of the game. There are 16 levels of cards in total, the higher the level - the stronger the monsters and the more chances to get a good loot. If you want to farm the most difficult bosses in the game, you need to get maximum out of your character, a high level of the character will give you additional talent points that will significantly increase your damage and survival.
  • With each death, you will lose 10% of the character’s experience, at high levels, 10% powerleveling takes about 20-30 minutes, which makes it especially painful to lose experience :(

What you will get?

  • The most effective way to improve your character is to buy a Path of Exile upgrade from service!
  • You will not need to spend extra time and nerves for powerlveling, because our drivers can do this, they have leveled more than a hundred characters in Path of Exile and are ready to help your character. During leveling a character of level 70+, emphasis is placed on the fastest and safest cleaning of cards of levels 9-15.
  • We do not use bots, cheats, bugs and other prohibited methods for leveling characters. All orders are carried out by professionals.

What are the PoE powerleveling conditions from the 70th to the 90th level?

  • Your character must have a viable build. If your character does not possess the necessary items of equipment - they will be rented for the duration of the service. In the course of leveling, we will go through the labyrinths of ordinary normal, cruel and merciless difficulties.

What are the conditions for passing the Uber labyrinth?

  • To complete the Uber Labyrinth, your character must be at least level 75. We will go through all the necessary trials for access to the Uber Labyrinth. For complete passage of all tests and the Uber maze, we need 2-4 hours.

How long does powerleveling in Path of Exile take?

  • Leveling from the 70th to the 80th level takes about 4 hours
  • Leveling from the 80th to the 85th takes 4 hours (1 day)
  • leveling from the 85th to the 90th level we need 4-6 hours.

What are the leveling conditions above level 90?

  • Specify the conditions and details of powerleveling 90-100 from the operator through the online chat or skype specified on the site.

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First step: After you have chosen the amount of game currency Path of Exile, in the additional information indicate the game nickname and server.
Second step: Enter the game, go to your hidout and wait invite to party from our currency deliveryman.
Third step: Our deliveryman send to you an trade request. It is advisable that in return you put unnecessary items, this will further secure the deal.
We use only honest ways to get PoE game currency. Manual farm, trade and sale of looting items.
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