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How to connect twitch prime?

  1. Follow the link:
  2. Log into your wargaming account.
  3. On the right, click "Amazon", link the purchased Amazon account (if you need confirmation or a code from the mail, then write to me). You can also activate your account yourself by entering the email address, the password is the same as that of the purchased Amazon account (In the confirmation email, click "Approve or Deny", then in the tab that opens, click "Approve". Find the game and click Claim now).
  4. Return to the tab with Amazon binding and press "Accept".
  5. The set will be available the next time you start the game, if it didn't go right away then it's worth waiting, there are delays.

Are you ready for the final Act of the 10th Anniversary celebration for World of Tanks, Commanders?

Just before the 10th Anniversary reaches its conclusion, we’re teaming up once again with Prime Gaming to get you even more in the party mood. Our latest drop, the very special Care Package Dime, features a brand-new Party Popper 2D custom look inspired by our epic Anniversary. Apply it to your favorite vehicle and rock out on the battlefield!

This fancy 2D look comes with 3 days of WoT Premium Account, 1 universal Training Manual, an increased number of blueprint fragments, more x5 XP missions, and a unique medal.

But that’s not all! You can pick out two more items from a list of additional free goodies, including the menacing Swedish Lansen C Tier VIII medium tank with impressive alpha damage and excellent dynamics. Grab up this fresh package straight away and join the party!

Claim Your Instant Rewards!
 twitch_august_2d-style.png  1 new, gorgeous Party Popper 2D style
 medal_Omk1bF2.png 1 special "Summer Pass" medal
         universal_manual_345x379_90x.png 1 Universal Training Manual (provides all crew members of a particular vehicle with 250,000 Crew XP)
       440_wot_premium_64x.png 3 days of WoT Premium Account
   x5_xp_222x150_cd2cMbM.png 20 missions for x5 XP when victorious
WoT Twitch Prime: Package Dime
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