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APEX Twitch Prime: LIFELINE SKIN Pastel Dreams Back

How to claim your Apex Legends Twitch Prime loot

  1. Follow the link
  2. Enter the purchased username and password from Twitch.
  3. Click allow and link your Twitch account to your EA.
  4. Re-enter the game.

This special offer includes 14 unique Apex Legend content drops.

  • Drop 1 is the "Cyber Attack" skin for CRYPTO.
  • Drop 2 is the "Geometric Anomaly" skin for CAUSTIC.
  • Drop 3 is the "Gilded Rose" skin for REVENANT.
  • Drop 4 is the "Lucky Charmer" skin for MIRAGE.
  • Drop 5 is the "Forgotten in the Void" skin for WRAITH.
  • Drop 6 is the "Game Master" skin for LOBA.
  • Drop 7 is the "Tribal Instinct" skin for GIBRALTAR.
  • Drop 8 is the "Swimming Buddy" skin for PATHFINDER.
  • Drop 9 is the "Mix Tape" Gun Charm.
  • Drop 10 is the "Custom Finish" skin for RAMPART.
  • Drop 11 is the "Finely Tuned" Gun Charm.
  • Drop 12 is the "Will of the Allfather" skin for BLOODHOUND.
  • Drop 13 is the "Pastel Dreams" skin for LIFELINE.

APEX Twitch Prime: LIFELINE SKIN  Pastel Dreams
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