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APEX Twitch Prime: LIFELINE SKIN Pastel Dreams Back

How to claim your Apex Legends Twitch Prime loot

  1. Follow the link https://ea.com/twitchlinking.
  2. Enter the purchased username and password from Twitch.
  3. Click allow and link your Twitch account to your EA.
  4. Re-enter the game.

This special offer includes 14 unique Apex Legend content drops.

  • Drop 1 is the "Cyber Attack" skin for CRYPTO.
  • Drop 2 is the "Geometric Anomaly" skin for CAUSTIC.
  • Drop 3 is the "Gilded Rose" skin for REVENANT.
  • Drop 4 is the "Lucky Charmer" skin for MIRAGE.
  • Drop 5 is the "Forgotten in the Void" skin for WRAITH.
  • Drop 6 is the "Game Master" skin for LOBA.
  • Drop 7 is the "Tribal Instinct" skin for GIBRALTAR.
  • Drop 8 is the "Swimming Buddy" skin for PATHFINDER.
  • Drop 9 is the "Mix Tape" Gun Charm.
  • Drop 10 is the "Custom Finish" skin for RAMPART.
  • Drop 11 is the "Finely Tuned" Gun Charm.
  • Drop 12 is the "Will of the Allfather" skin for BLOODHOUND.
  • Drop 13 is the "Pastel Dreams" skin for LIFELINE.

APEX Twitch Prime: LIFELINE SKIN  Pastel Dreams
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