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Submarine Performance Emblems

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  • 23 June 2023
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Submarine Performance Emblems in World of Warships


World of Warships is a popular online multiplayer game that allows players to take control of warships from different eras and engage in thrilling naval battles. While the game primarily focuses on surface ships, there has been a recent addition that has brought a new dimension to the gameplay: submarines. Submarines in World of Warships offer a unique and challenging experience, and to recognize and commemorate the achievements of submarine captains, the game has introduced submarine performance emblems. In this article, we will explore the significance of submarine performance emblems in World of Warships, their design elements, and how players can earn them. Get ready to dive into the world of submarine performance emblems in World of Warships!

Table of Contents

  1. Significance of Submarine Performance Emblems
  2. Design Elements
  3. Earning Submarine Performance Emblems
  4. Conclusion

Significance of Submarine Performance Emblems

Submarine performance emblems in World of Warships hold great importance for submarine captains. These emblems serve as symbols of skill, dedication, and accomplishment in submarine warfare. They represent a player's expertise in commanding submarines and successfully completing challenging missions. Just like their real-world counterparts, submarine performance emblems in World of Warships are not just cosmetic additions; they are prestigious symbols of honor and recognition within the game's community.

Submarine performance emblems also foster a sense of pride and achievement among players. They serve as a visual representation of a player's progression and growth as a submarine captain. Each emblem earned signifies the player's mastery of submarine tactics, strategies, and gameplay mechanics. These emblems not only showcase individual skill but also contribute to the overall reputation and prestige of the player within the World of Warships community.

Design Elements

Submarine performance emblems in World of Warships feature unique design elements that reflect the characteristics and history of submarines. These design elements are carefully crafted to enhance the emblem's visual appeal and meaning. Some common design elements found in submarine performance emblems include:

  • Submarine Silhouette: The emblem may incorporate a stylized or realistic depiction of a submarine, highlighting its shape and features. This silhouette represents the core identity of the emblem and immediately conveys the association with submarines.
  • Nautical Symbols: Symbols associated with the sea, such as waves, anchors, or dolphins, are often included to reinforce the maritime theme and emphasize the naval nature of submarines. These symbols add depth and context to the emblem's overall design.
  • Text and Inscriptions: Submarine performance emblems may feature text, inscriptions, or mottoes that highlight the player's achievements or convey a specific message. These texts often emphasize the dedication, bravery, or expertise of the submarine captain.
  • Ranks and Insignia: Some emblems incorporate visual elements representing ranks or insignia to showcase the player's progression within the submarine branch of World of Warships. These elements further emphasize the player's accomplishments and add a sense of hierarchy and distinction.
  • Colors and Visual Effects: The choice of colors and visual effects in submarine performance emblems plays a crucial role in their overall impact. Vibrant colors, metallic finishes, and dynamic visual effects enhance the emblem's visibility and make it stand out among other in-game elements.

Earning Submarine Performance Emblems

Earning submarine performance emblems requires skill, dedication, and persistence in World of Warships. These emblems are typically awarded based on specific achievements or milestones reached by submarine captains. Some common criteria for earning submarine performance emblems include:

  • Damage Dealt: Players who consistently deal significant damage to enemy ships while commanding submarines may earn emblems that recognize their firepower and combat effectiveness.
  • Survival Rate: Emblems can be earned by submarine captains who demonstrate exceptional survival skills by avoiding enemy attacks and successfully evading detection.
  • Objective Completion: Submarine captains who excel at completing mission objectives, such as capturing key points or escorting friendly ships, may earn emblems that highlight their strategic prowess and mission success.
  • Team Support: Emblems can be awarded to players who provide valuable support to their team, such as spotting enemy ships, protecting friendly vessels, or disrupting enemy formations.

These are just a few examples of the criteria used to earn submarine performance emblems in World of Warships. The game developers continue to introduce new challenges and accomplishments that grant players the opportunity to earn unique emblems, ensuring a diverse range of goals for submarine captains to strive for.


Submarine performance emblems in World of Warships are prestigious symbols that recognize the skill, dedication, and accomplishments of submarine captains. These emblems hold great significance within the game's community and represent a player's progression and expertise in submarine warfare. With their unique design elements and visual appeal, submarine performance emblems serve as both a source of pride for players and a reflection of their achievements. By offering a variety of challenges and criteria for earning emblems, World of Warships encourages submarine captains to continually improve their skills and strive for new levels of excellence. So, dive into the depths of submarine warfare, earn your emblems, and establish your legacy as a legendary submarine captain in World of Warships!

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