How to Obtain 1,000,000 Skill Points in Eve Online Through the Referral Program
+1,000,000 FREE Skill Points ("SP" - Skill Ponts)  +1,000,000 FREE Skill Points ("SP" - Skill Ponts) 

+1,000,000 FREE Skill Points ("SP" - Skill Ponts)

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  • 13 February 2023
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Maximizing Your Skill Point Rewards Through the Referral Program in Eve Online

If you're a fan of EVE Online, you know that skill points are essential for developing your character and becoming a more powerful player. With alpha status in the game, you can accumulate up to +/-750,000 skill points per month, but there are ways to get even more skill points quickly and easily. One of the best ways to get additional skill points is to create a new account using a referral link. By doing so, you'll receive an additional 1 million skill points for your character, which can be a significant boost to your development.

How interesting is this?

With alpha status in (unpaid account) in EVE Online, you can accumulate +/-750,000 Skills per month. And here you get 1,000,000 SP as a gift, which is no less than 1.25 months of playing.

If you buy this experience in EVE Online for the game currency (isk) in the form of Skill Injectors (syringes with experience), then it will cost +/-1,600,000,000 isk (one billion six hundred million isk) or 500 PLEX, for which you can purchase OMEGA STATUS for 1 month.

How to get additional +1,000,000 SP on a new account?

When you create an EVE online account using this referral link, your character will receive an additional MILLION Skill Points.

Go get 1 million free skill points in Eve Online (instruction)

1. Follow this referral link
2. After registering an account, you will be prompted to download EVE online.
3. If you already have EVE installed, then launch its launcher and add a new account, as in the screenshot below.


4. In the menu that appears, as in the screenshot below, enter the details of the account created by the referral link, do not forget to check the "remember me" box and enter the game Eve online.


5. Once in space, with messages from the blue face on the screen, look in the lower left corner in search of a box with a gift and greedily, convulsively, but carefully open it so that nothing falls out and the precious bottles do not break under your feet.

6. To take such a serious dose of joy, you need to go to the "Pilot's Personal File" (character photo), where you will see in the lower left corner of the menu that opens the very cherished blue number "1,000,000", as in the screenshot below.

7. Then you just activate the gift with a double click and that's it :)


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