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What is Steel Monsters in WoWs?

Steel Monsters Campaign in World of Warships is one of the paid campaigns in the game, which tells about the era of the real "steel monsters" - dreadnought and battleships, who replaced the squadron battleships in the early XX century. It has only 5 missions, which consist of 25 tasks, and to participate, the player must have ships from level 5 and above. You must complete the campaign in 180 days, starting from the day you purchased it.
Despite such a large amount of time for passing, this campaign is one of the most difficult, but prizes are one of the most valuable. Therefore, we offer you our service - Steel Monsters Campaign boost, thanks to which we will do everything for you, and you will receive your reward!

What do you get in the World of Warships buy Steel Monsters Campaign?

In WoWs the Steel Monsters Campaign can only be purchased once, and you can get a reward for it. So that you do not doubt your choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the prizes for completing:
  1. Steel (up to 4000 pcs), which can be exchanged for unique items;
  2. Secret Santa containers (1 giant and 4 large);
  3. Other values (signals and camouflages).
And also within the framework of the campaign, you can earn two achievements:
  1. for completing the final assignment of the last mission;
  2. for completing all campaign tasks.
It’s not a miracle to get not only unique rewards and achievements by simply trusting all the “work” to us!

We can complete for you campaign “Steel Monsters”, completely or partly. Time for completing order – 5 days maximum.

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Level 2 аватарка

it was great the first time, its definitely is the second time. 10/10 no regrets

Level 4 аватарка
Matthew C

Incredible service!  Better than I expected.  I will definably be back for more boosting.

Level 4 аватарка

Amazing service! Replays and screenshots were provided and it's so quick and reliable! Great players too :)

Frequent questions
First step, choose one of our services: grind credits, ranked battles, grind experience or stats rising. The next step, you pay for the order in a way convenient for you. Our professional players will start your order in 30-120 min. If you need, you can ask about daily screenshots of your order progress. As soon as the order is completed, we will notify you of this.
The lead time depends on the volume of the order. We can grind experience up to 150,000 and grind silver up to 10,000,000 per day. Also, speed of the order depends on the desired statistics, the required captain level, tier and class of ship.
It's impossible. But you should not neglect the security of your world of warships account yourself, you can attach a phone number to your account, then no one can steal your account.
We do not research unnecessary modules. But you can indicate in the additional information for the order that you need all the modules and we will research them, then you will receive an elite ship and you will be able to accumulate a convertible experience on it and convert it into free experience.
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