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League of Legends Twitch Prime: Mystery Skin Shard Back

ACTIVATE League of Legends

Go to the anonymous tab (Ctrl + Shift + N. on the keyboard) {NECESSARILY}
  1. Point enter this link in the browser when you go to the anonymous tab
  2. Point next click the Claim now - Sing in - Continue button
  3. Point enter the data that I threw in the chat, if you ask for a code, write to me and I will tell you, and if you went without a code, then everything is according to the instructions
  4. Point when logged in to your account click again Claim now-link accounts next and enter your details username and password and svyazyayem accounts 
  5. ALL activation is COMPLETE The screen will display (Crown flashing) will be Successfully claimed re-Enter the game and check for loot, if it did not come immediately, then the loot can take up to 24 hours What do I get? After linking your League of Legends account with Twitch Prime you will receive a “Summoner’s Crown Capsule” in hextech crafting. The Summoner’s Crown Capsule contains a random legendary tier shard that can be crafted into an 1850 RP skin! For each of the nine promotions, accounts that have a valid Prime membership + League of Legends account can claim a free Random Skin Shard Token every 10 days. You can choose to keep or re-roll 3 shards into a random skin permanent.

    What is included in this offer?

Drop 1: 7/28 – 8/27
Drop 2: 8/7 – 8/27
Drop 3: 8/17 – 8/27

Drop 4: 8/27 – 9/28
Drop 5: 9/8 – 9/28
Drop 6: 9/18 – 9/28

Drop 7: 9/28 – 10/29
Drop 8: 10/8 – 10/29
Drop 9: 10/19 – 10/29


League of Legends Twitch Prime: Mystery Skin Shard
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