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What is calibration in DotA 2?

Quick and effective calibration of the rating in DotA is a matter of pride for some players and a headache for those who for one reason or another failed to achieve the desired result. After all, the result is not only a beautiful icon, but also the comfort of the game as a whole throughout, if not all of the subsequent season, then most of it.

How calibration in DotA 2 work?

  • Beginners often wonder about how calibration works in DotA. In fact, there is nothing supernatural in it. The game takes into account the effectiveness of all battles, but after calibrating a new account, a significant increase in MMP can be obtained only by seasonal rating increase. And this is the main difficulty, because in case of failure you risk losing precious points and getting a rank lower than desired, after which it will be long and painful to restore the previous level.
  • So if a decent result is important to you, but lacks experience or confidence in your strengths and luck, it’s easier to buy a Dota 2 calibration. On the you will find experienced specialists that help you save time and save your nerves.

How to place an order

In DotA 2 calibration boosting is time-consuming. Buying this service will not take you even five minutes. All that is required from the buyer is:
  • Select amount of game and add to cart.
  • Fill out the checkout form.
  • Pay for the order.
  • And our specialist will begin to fulfill your order in the shortest possible time.

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Level 1 аватарка

very good service, implemented quickly. I would definitely use it again.


Always a pleasure to work with, quick and responsive.Best site.


They are fast and friendly, i am very satisfied!

Frequent questions
You will have few options to choose from – disable guard, generate back-up codes or send email code to booster. We highly recommend to fully disable it as in that case your account is 100% safe. All trade/market/gift deals are blocked by valve to protect your account for at least 2 weeks.

After you have paid for the order, we usually proceed to fulfillment in 30-120 minutes. On the day, our DotA 2 booster plays from 8 to 14 games.
Also in the comments to the order you can specify the time in which we can fulfill your order.

You can be 100% sure of this. In our service only professional Dota 2 boosters work, they are carefully selected and tested. In addition, you can always enable steamguard or authenticator, which further protects your account.
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